Sebastian Stan is almost unrecognizable after unexpected off-screen makeover

January 06, 2022 – 10:30 GMT Hannah Hargrave Pam & Tommy star Sebastian Stan shocked fans with a huge makeover which they were not expecting Sebastian Stan recently underwent a “really wild” transformation to become Tommy Lee for the highly anticipated Hulu series, Pam & Tommy, but now he’s had a makeover … Read more

when video is getting a makeover

Bureau Copenhagen de BoConcept (designer Morten Georgsen). BOCONCEPT A few minutes before a video call, it’s always panic. You have to move the piles of laundry lying around on the sofa in the background, pick up stranded Lego boxes or the baby’s bottle on the living room table and finally check the view offered by … Read more

“Emme needs an urgent makeover”: Jennifer Lopez’s daughter criticized for her voluminous and disheveled hair

Unlike the daughters of other celebrities who show off outfits by great designers, Emme prefers comfort above all else. The simplicity of its oversized pieces, which are always combined with sneakers or boots, are part of the new tastes that Jennifer Lopez’s daughter wears. The adolescent’s femininity always comes out on the lips of netizens … Read more

Lily Collins surprised her fans with a resounding and shocking makeover

The great artists of the world of acting tend to constantly modify their physical appearances and not precisely because of personal wishes, but rather because of the demands presented by the characters they are about to interpret, whether in audiovisual projects for the big screen or for the girl or streaming platforms. However, their resounding … Read more

Lily Collins’ most radical makeover: a platinum blonde pixie

We are very used to seeing how actresses transform with their unexpected haircuts, makeup and even drastic physical changes to get fully into the skin of the character they will play in front of the camera. There are as many eye-catching examples as you can imagine, but this trend, that of create a new image … Read more

The beauty shops are getting a makeover

The Oh My Cream store! from rue Debelleyme, in the Marais, in Paris. OH MY CREAM At 90, Rue des Martyrs, in the 18e arrondissement of Paris, a Saturday like any other, the concept store Oh My Cream! sees followers of alternative beauty brands trend “clean”. An appointment for a manicure? We will have to … Read more

Woody Harrelson On His Extreme Makeover In Venom: Let There Be Carnage

The trailers for Venom: Let There Be Carnage showed a different look for Cletus Kasady and Woody Harrelson is glad they ditched the wig. As Venom: Let There Be Carnage edges closer to its premiere, some fans might be disappointed when they see Woody Harrelson without the wild hairstyle he had towards the end of … Read more