Macaulay Culkin’s role in American Horror Story revealed

Star+ More than twenty years after Richie RichPerhaps the last mainstream movie he made, Macaulay Culkin is ready to return to the front pages. We tell you everything that is known about his role in American Horror Story. By Federico Fame 03/09/2021 – 15:13hs UTC 03/09/2021 – 15:13hs UTC © Star+Macaulay Culkin is ready to … Read more

The trauma of Macaulay Culkin for which he refuses to see ‘Home Alone’ and avoids Christmas in public

Christmas is getting closer and closer and for many it is a tradition to watch the mythical Christmas movies with a movie and a blanket on the sofa. A classic of these tapes is the fiction that follows the McCallister family, ‘Home alone‘. Macaulay Culkin gives life to the 8-year-old protagonist, Kevin McCallister, who is … Read more

Home Alone At Last Reveals What Happened To Macaulay Culkin’s Character Kevin McCallister

Beware SPOILERS! This article contains spoilers for ‘Finally Home Alone’. It has already premiered on Disney + ‘At last alone at home’, reboot of the famous 90s Christmas classic in which little Kevin McAllister (Macaulay Culkin) faces some thieves who want to break into his home while his family is on vacation in Paris. The … Read more

a well-meaning sequel to Disney + that pales before the legendary original film with Macaulay Culkin

Not long ago I told you that ‘Ghostbusters: Beyond’ was an exercise in nostalgia that seemed designed not to disturb anyone. An understandable movement after the hatred generated in a certain sector of the public by ‘Ghostbusters’, but also worrying because it opens the door to more sequels or somewhat aseptic reboots and with little … Read more

Home Sweet Home Alone Archie Yates was inspired by Kevin McAllister’s role as Macaulay Culkin to play Max Mercer Disney Plus movie My Poor Sweet Little Angel | SHOWS

“Home Sweet Home Alone” is the new film in the franchise of “My poor angel“, Which launched to stardom to Macaulay Culkin in his role as ‘Kevin McAllister’. 31 years after the premiere of the original film, this film will arrive set in the same cinematographic universe and with Archie Yates as ‘Max Mercer’, the … Read more

The forgotten film of Macaulay Culkin with which I discovered the love of reading

Macaulay Culkin is back in the news thanks to its participation in the tenth season of American Horror Story, recently released on Disney +. The former child star returns after some time away from the screen (save for the occasional sporadic project) with a juicy role in the popular anthology series of Ryan Murphy, an … Read more

Macaulay Culkin: the life of the man trapped in My Poor Little Angel

Repeated ad nauseam on cable TV and national channels, the first two parts of My poor angel They have perfectly withstood the passage of time, becoming a must-see during the Christmas season. Although at the end of 2020 the rite of seeing the adventures of Kevin McCallister for that occasion underwent important adjustments. In an … Read more