Rotating “catapult” as a space charge launcher. Prototype test

According to the details already disclosed in November, the seed version of the SpinLaunch propellant structure was tested on October 22 this year. The demonstration, considered a successful one, was to confirm the operation and open a whole series of tests (ultimately as many as thirty trials) of a system that uses centrifugal force to … Read more

Chinese space station “in high gear”. After the return of the crew – the commencement of the cargo mission

After the recent final of the Shenzhou-12 mission with a crew of three on board, which had occupied the seed module of the Chinese space station for three months, another ship (this time unmanned) flew towards the facility being expanded. The Chinese supplier quickly reached and nailed (on the same day – on Monday, September … Read more

“Unearthly” three-day flight Inspiration4. A chat with Tom Cruise and a good return

Elon Musk’s Crew Dragon capsule, on which a group of people entirely unrelated to any state agency traveled, ended its flight on Saturday at 1:07 Polish time. The trip lasted almost exactly three days – the start took place at Cape Canaveral in Florida on Thursday at 2:02 Polish time. “Welcome to Earth. Your mission … Read more

Orbital culture of human tissues. The seed of an industrial process will start on the ISS

Joint project “3D Organoids in Space” (3D organoids from space) was arranged by scientists from Zurich – Oliver Ullrich and Cora Thiel, pioneers of research into the effects of gravity on human cells. Together with Airbus engineers, they took the experiment to technological maturity. The Airbus Innovations team – led by Julian Raatschen – in … Read more

South Korea: Nuri launch date, $ billions for new space plans

According to the adopted in mid-August this year. According to the assumptions, South Korea will invest 16 trillion won (16 trillion KRW – a whopping $ 13.6 billion) over the next 10 years to strengthen its space-related defense capabilities. Of this amount, 1.6 trillion won is to be allocated to the development of “basic satellite … Read more

The Russian Science module has arrived at the ISS. Successful mooring [WIDEO]

The moment of contact of the Science module with the ISS hull was recorded at 15:29:01 Polish time (CEST). It was then confirmed that the key maneuver was carried out successfully, with preparations for the procedure of checking the tightness of the mooring connection and control electronics going on for the next 1.5 hours. This … Read more

Starliner’s second chance. NASA approval for a repeat test flight without a crew

On Thursday, the US space agency approved a plan to take off the CST-100 Starliner spacecraft from Boeing’s facilities. The capsule, prepared in cooperation with NASA, is to allow the sending of American astronauts to the International Space Station. This will be the second attempt to achieve this goal, after an earlier failed attempt to … Read more

Learning module on a rough road towards the ISS

Integrated in Russia (under the supervision of Roskosmos – with the main involvement of the RKK Energia plants and the M. Chruniczev State Production and Research Space Center), the Science laboratory space module has been in space since July 21, 2021 – its launch took place at 4:58 pm time Polish (CEST) from the Bajkonur … Read more

The Hubble Telescope is now back “in circulation”. New observations after weeks of lull

The return to operational use of the Hubble Space Telescope took place on July 17 this year, with the implementation of scientific observations of atypical galaxies, globular clusters located outside the Milky Way, and aurorae on Jupiter. This happened two days after the observatory’s payload successfully switched to the backup handling system. The successful recovery … Read more

Return of the supply ship Dragon 2 from the ISS mission

The Cargo Dragon capsule safely landed (thanks to the use of a parachute) in the Gulf of Mexico area near Tallahassee, Florida. The end of the mission fell on Saturday, July 10 this year. at. 5.29 (Polish time – CEST). The capsule was intercepted using the Go Navigator ship. In turn, the research samples requiring … Read more