Alta Badia and Nos Ladins-Noi Latini, an exhibition to experience the territory as a true local

Alex Moling’s photo Alta Badia, in the heart of the Dolomites Unesco World Heritage, it is an authentic place, rich in culture and millenary traditions, which distinguish the Ladins, the inhabitants of these lands. The Nos Ladins – Noi Ladini project aims to bring the tourist closer to traditions and the local way of life. … Read more

Korea takes one small step for sci-fi, but is it a giant leap for local content?

Actor Bae Doo-na as doctor Song Ji-an, an astrobiologist and ethologist who is sent on a 24-hour mission to the moon to acquire a mysterious sample of “lunar water.” [NETFLIX] After the wave of attention that Netflix Korea’s “Squid Game” brought Korean content, it seemed that the industry could do no wrong. That is, until … Read more

Swiss army bans WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram and chooses local messaging

The recommendation to use Threema messaging applies to all members of the Swiss Army, including conscripts who are coming for the first time to do their military service. ALESSANDRO DELLA VALLE / AP The Swiss army has banned WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram messaging during service operations, preferring a Swiss messaging system, an army spokesman announced … Read more

Kazakhstan: 26 dead according to the Ministry of the Interior – Berlin contacts local partners

abroad Heavy rioting Unrest in Kazakhstan – Federal Foreign Office contacts local partners Stand: 6:30 a.m. | Reading time: 4 minutes Riots in Kazakhstan – Russia sends paratroopers Numerous people were killed in the massive protests in Kazakhstan. The unrest was sparked by the increase in fuel prices imposed by the government at the turn … Read more

Using Local Resources To Build a New Home on Another World

A vision of a future Moon base that could be produced and maintained using 3D printing. Credit: RegoLight, visualisation: Liquifer Systems Group, 2018 Humanity is heading back to the Moon, and this time, we’re planning to stay. But for long-term space missions, astronauts would need infrastructure to live and work, to move around, to communicate … Read more

This British Bloke Hired a Team of NASA Experts To Analyze Aerial Photography Of The Local Dump To Find His Old Hard Drive…With Half a Billion Dollars of Bitcoin On It.

DAILY STAR — A man who lost £340million in Bitcoin after he accidentally threw out an old hard drive has hired data experts who once helped NASA – in a bid to find his missing fortune. IT worker James Howells, 36, has reached out to Ontrack to help him find the cryptocurrency after he tossed … Read more

Local authorities spend millions of euros on Christmas lights?

Between chambers (an overwhelmingly greater number) and parish councils (residual quota), only this year they have already been awarded more than five million euros in more than a hundred contracts to guarantee the supply of decorative lighting for a few weeks. Regarding the counties, the amounts vary between around 212,000 euros spent by Albufeira and … Read more

‘Insecure’ Producer Issa Rae Interview: HBOMax Show Rap Sh*t and More

Image by Grace Han for Thrillist Issa Rae is finishing up production on Rap Sh*t, a new HBOMax comedy series that she’s co-executive producing with hip hop duo, City Girls, in Miami, Florida, when we speak. But just like a kid counting down the days until Christmas, the producer, writer, and star of HBO’s hit … Read more

Steam Deck will not have exclusives, confirm how local multiplayer will work and more

Steam Deck has confirmed in a developer FAQ that it will not have exclusive games. But also other details on how the local multiplayer will work and more. Steam Deck, the Valve portable PC announced a few months ago, it is still falling despite its delay. And since this is so, we have more details … Read more