Jessica Alba: her life, movies and her career as a beauty entrepreneur

Jessica Alba She is a spokesperson for the subjectivity of beauty and a promoter of self-love as a means of healing for the mind and body. The actress from her first pregnancy decided to change her lifestyle to a healthier one. This being the reason that inspired the creation of the company with which Jessica … Read more

Iraqi IS sentenced to life for “genocide” of Yazidis

Iraqi Taha Al-Jumailly, whose face is hidden by a filing cabinet, at the Franckfort-sur-le-Main court on November 30. FRANK RUMPENHORST / AFP It’s a first. An Iraqi from the Islamic State (IS) organization was tried on Tuesday, November 30, by a German court, “Guilty of genocide, crimes against humanity resulting in death, war crimes and … Read more

Pedro Almodovar, to life and death

Penélope Cruz plays the role of Janis, in “Madres paralelas”, by Pedro Almodovar (2021). CHURCHES MORE the opinion of the “world” – not to be missed In Broken embraces (2009), we could glimpse, captured in close-up, the script of a feature film entitled Parallel mothers. Later, it is a poster of the same film that … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown: life, career, her role in Stranger Things and her company

The brand is intended to target a teenage audience, about which Millie it has proven to be highly influential. The actress seeks with her line to introduce young women in skin care and promoting awareness about transparent and conscious products. Florence offers its clients makeup products, among which the highlighters stand out for both the … Read more

Bloody drug war? Scooter driver shot down – danger to life – BZ Berlin

29. November 2021 07:22 Updated 07:36 AM A man (30) lies seriously injured on the asphalt. His torso bare. The helpers took off his outer clothing. By Dirk Böttger, Timo Beurich and Matthias Lukaschewitsch The breast is already glued with probes. The emergency doctor, paramedics and police officers take care of him. Every move has … Read more

In Paris, a chess bar brings the heyday of Saint-Germain back to life

By Marie Godfrain Posted today at 6:00 p.m. Reserved for our subscribers ReportageThe Blitz Society has just opened its doors in the 6th arrondissement of the capital, where champions and enthusiasts meet around the twenty-seven tables to compete against a backdrop of jazz music. Under the combined effect of confinements and the success of the … Read more

in the rich and complex daily life of mixed couples

By Gladys Marivat Posted today at 19:59 Reserved for our subscribers TestimonialsFrench multicultural families must deal with stereotypes and identity debates. Four young couples tell how the news is invited into their everyday life. Structural racism, debate on separatism, national preference, “woke” movement… As the presidential campaign turns towards questions of immigration and identity, what … Read more