Leslie Odom Jr. and Cynthia Erivo’s sci-fi romance gets lost in time

Life can change in an instant, to use the cliche. And movies about time travel allow us to take this concept to an extreme, examining the points that could alter everything and give us the ultimate wish-fulfillment: the chance to traverse the road not taken, whether personal or political. John Ridley, the writer and director … Read more

Actress Leslie Hamilton Gearren, sister of Linda Hamilton, famous for her role in Terminator 2, has passed away

Carolco Pictures via IMDB | TriStar Pictures via IMDB | Know your meme The Internet announced the death of Sarah Connor but she was wrong as an actress: there was more than one Hamilton working on the sequel to Terminator. The land of confusion The Internet is a space where real news is very easily … Read more

Batgirl Star Leslie Grace Shares Her DCEU Workout Video

Leslie Grace shares a video of herself getting into superhero shape to play Barbara Gordon in the DCEU/HBO Max movie Batgirl. Leslie Grace shared a video of herself training to become Gotham’s newest hero in Batgirl. The actor shared a montage on Instagram of her exercise routine, including resistance training, weight lifting and boxing. The video is scored … Read more

Leslie Grace on Becoming Batgirl

Leslie Grace made her acting debut this summer as Nina Rosario in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s big-screen version of In the Heights, which follows the sueñitos, or little dreams, of the Latinx community in the Manhattan neighborhood of Washington Heights. For her second major film role, the 26-year-old Bronx-born actress is back in Gotham, this time as … Read more

Leslie Hamilton Freas, Linda Hamilton’s twin sister and her double in ‘Terminator 2’, dies

Linda Hamilton has lost her twin sister, Leslie Hamilton Freas, who died “unexpectedly” at age 63 on Saturday, August 22 according to People. Born in the State of Maryland in the United States, Leslie was first an emergency nurse and ended up taking care of the terminally ill. However, he had a very famous film … Read more

Always the wife, never the leading actress: the curious case of Leslie Mann | TV and Show

Comedy lovers may be familiar with his face, however, it is certain that not all of them know his name. And is that Leslie Mann is one of the actresses who suffer from that curious case in which always they are always the companions, but never leading actresses. Mann has a 26-year career and has … Read more

Amazon prime to adapt the Power with Leslie Mann as protagonist

The Power will be adapted for the small screen by writer, creator and executive producer Naomi Alderman with a group of female screenwriters. Amazon Studios has announced that Leslie Mann (No Two Without Three / This Is 40) will star in the ten-episode thriller The Power, based on the self-titled bestseller by Naomi Alderman. Mann … Read more

Leslie Mann to lead the cast of Naomi Alderman’s adaptation of ‘The Power’

Amazon has announced that Leslie Mann (‘Brooklyn Orphans’) head the cast of ‘The Power’, series based on the best-seller by Naomi Alderman that in Spain we know as ‘The power’ and to consist of a total of ten episodes. Produced by Sister Productions, ‘The Power’ has been adapted for the small screen by Alderman herself, … Read more

Batgirl’s Leslie Grace On Crossover With Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn

Ever since the first Avengers movie in 2012, crossovers have been the name of the game when it comes to superhero franchises. On that note, remember when 6 superheroes fighting aliens in New York was considered a mindblowing feat of cinematic wonder? Well, in the 9 years since then, things have apparently circled around from … Read more