Vienna: Leonie (13) raped and killed – photos show her with her killers – News Abroad

Wien – Pumped full of drugs, raped, strangled, disposed of like garbage. Those were the last moments in the life of young Leonie (13). It quickly becomes clear who did the martyrdom to the girl: four Afghans between the ages of 16 and 22. At least two of them have a relevant criminal record, one … Read more

Influencer Leonie Hanne on digital fashion shows and corona hobbies

It should be cozy: Leonie Hanne in the new Marc Cain collection Quelle: Alexander Galievsky AOn the phone, Leonie Hanne sounds deeply relaxed. A few hours earlier, the fashion influencer posted a photo of herself walking in Hamburg on Instagram. She has lived there for a few months with her boyfriend, the photographer Alexander Galievsky. … Read more