the most exhibited is the Dodge Challenger. The podium is a surprise

Dodge Challenger, regina of cars. Not anymore Lamborghini or Porsche and Mercedes, the most popular model on social now it’s another. THE researchers of the site of comparison of car rentals have analyzed the data to determine what the market and more car models tagged his Instagram with the hashtag #DreamCar. In fact, it … Read more

Elettra Lamborghini on TV, “did he really do it?”: Furious fans, it’s controversial

Television The heiress was among the protagonists of the second episode of the Seat Music Awards 2021 Published on September 10, 2021 Elettra Lamborghini is back on television. The singer, as well as former columnist of theIsland of the Famous, was one of the protagonists of the second episode of Seat Music Awards 2021. Live … Read more