“She was a mysterious woman, and Kristen Stewart has that mystery”

Related news Almost 25 years have passed since that August 31, 1997 in which the world woke up shocked by the news of the death of Lady Di. The Princess of Wales died in a car accident with her partner, and an icon that had defied the British monarchy disappeared. Diana Spencer she was much … Read more

How Kristen Stewart Became Her Generation’s Most Interesting Movie Star

Stewart told me that she can now talk to a director for a few moments, even one whose films she admires, and know that it won’t work out. She looks for filmmakers with a sensibility that is “spiritual, unarticulated, emotional,” she said, adding, “There are certain directors that feel otherworldly to me.” Last year, the … Read more

Kirsten Dunst, Regina King and Kristen Stewart attend the 11th Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards

Kirsten Dunst, Regina King and Kristen Stewart were all seen attending the 11th Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards at Avalon Hollywood & Bardo on Saturday evening. The performers spent a little bit of time on the event’s red carpet before making their way inside the star-studded function’s area and mingling with the other guests. The awards … Read more

Lady Di’s bodyguard congratulates Kristen Stewart on her performance

Bodyguards of Lady Di congratulate Kristen Stewart for their interpretation. Ken Wharfe ensures that it was the most accurate performance of the princess, after seeing the film “Spencer”. Ken Wharfe, who was Princess Diana’s bodyguard from 1989 to 1993, praised Kristen Stewart’s performance in “Spencer”, biographical film at the hands of director Pablo Larraín. “Of … Read more

The Man Who Helped Turn Kristen Stewart Into Princess Diana

“I’m fascinated by the possibility of creating a movie that has a simple structure,” explains director Pablo Larraín. “It starts with an emotional crisis that develops into something that could be related to mental health—and how reality can be a ghost—and then it evolves into a healing process. We play with the tool of cinema, … Read more

Theater counts: Eternals unseat Dune with a 4,090-location debut

November 4, 2021 After two weeks sitting atop both the theater count chart and more importantly at the box office, Dune will take a backseat this week. The film opened domestically two weeks ago and has earned just north of $75 million. This week it drops down to 3,546 theaters, which is not enough … Read more