Pestle, rouable, pastry bag, couscoussier … In the kitchen, utensils are king

MORNING LIST Roll out a pancake batter, place cream puffs, prepare the couscous semolina… There is an instrument for each gesture. We tell you all about the history and usefulness of five utensils. The pestle and the mortar PATRICK PLEUTIN FOR M THE WORLD MAGAZINE Their story. It is assumed that it was the hunter-gatherers, … Read more

in the kitchen, the chefs take care of their dressing as much as the dressing

Paris, September 9, 2020. Chef Mory Sacko in his Parisian restaurant, Mosuke. BOBY The white jacket-toque-houndstooth pant triptych, very little for him. “I wore the uniform for ten years in the kitchens of palaces. I have already given “, laughs Mory Sacko. The rising value of the gastronomic elite has opted for a more elegant … Read more

Nightmare in the kitchen: Philippe Etchebest discovers 400 frozen lobsters in a restaurant near Toulouse

the essential Friday evening was broadcast the flagship program of Philippe Etchebest on M6, “Cauchemar en cuisine”. A la carte, this time a restaurant in the Toulouse area which has cooled the chef and internet users … Philippe Etchebest has seen all the colors since 2010 in the Cauchemar en cuisine program which helps restaurateurs … Read more

With “Open kitchen”, Mory Sacko takes off on France 3 from the rooftops of Paris

Chef Mory Sacko (on the left) and actor Thibault de Montalembert, during the filming of the “Open Kitchen” program on the roof of Galeries Lafayette, in Paris (8th arrondissement), Monday, October 11, 2021. CAP FRANCE 3 – SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30 AT 8:25 p.m. – BROADCAST A career that takes off for a young chef who … Read more

Judas Priest cooked “British Steel” in the heavy metal kitchen, a work that kicked off their careers and became a role model

Some records will fall, some will become commercial masters, and some will be sworn by generations of other musicians. Undoubtedly, “British Steel” by Judas Priest belongs to the latter set. One of the most key recordings of hard music in general has become the theme of our cycle Famous Albums. Birmingham, an industrial city in … Read more

“Jackie Chan believed that women belonged to the kitchen, until I kicked his ass.” Michelle Yeoh talks about prejudice in action movies

The actress Michelle Yeoh | returns to monopolize headlines thanks to its participation in ‘Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings’, the new adventure of Marvel which is already making box office history. However, her career began almost forty years ago in Asia, where she had to end various prejudices against women in action … Read more

The kitchen assistants, shadow officers of the brigades

Hélène Darroze and her second Paul Genthon at Marsan, in Paris, October 19, 2021. BENJAMIN GIRETTE FOR “THE WORLD” Under the blond cloud of hair, eyebrows furrow. “What’s in there ?, asks Hélène Darroze, chewing. Lovage? We can use it, but I’m really struggling, like melon and watermelon… ” It’s mid-afternoon, and the Marsan, his … Read more

new kitchen service for Jamie Oliver

Chef Jamie Oliver, in August 2013, in a kitchen in London. IAN WEST/AP PARIS PREMIÈRE – SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 26 AT 10:25 AM – CULINARY SERIES The culinary series “Jamie: Keep Cooking Family Favorites”, presented in France for the first time, under the title “Jamie: simple meals for every day”, was filmed in 2020 in the … Read more

Five ideas for a tidy kitchen

AMELIE LOMBARD FOR “THE WORLD” Chronic. The mess has an aesthetic dimension that is not always obvious. A photo of my utensil drawer once gave me proof. This vast metallic and multicolored jumble of slicers, peelers, stoners, knives, tongs, brushes and spatulas head to tail, in no apparent order, resembled both the battlefield and the … Read more

In “Cooking with Paris” on Netflix, Paris Hilton plays a real fake bimbo in the kitchen

Paris Hilton dans « Cooking with Paris ». KIT KARZEN/NETFLIX NETFLIX – ON DEMAND – SERIES After dipping, on YouTube, a toe – carefully painted with a glitter varnish – in the cooking water, Paris Hilton, granddaughter of a hotel mogul, first influencer and global television star – reality, now at the head of a cosmetic empire … Read more