Joaquin Phoenix & 8 Other Actors Who Faced Mental Health Issues Coz Of The Characters They Played

When it comes to films and web series, we rarely think about how playing a certain role impacts actors and their mental health. Sadly, sometimes we forget that just like the rest of us, actors and celebrities are also vulnerable to their surroundings and environment. They’re human too, after all.  Disclaimer: The information ahead might be … Read more

Best Movies Like Joaquin Phoenix’s C’mon C’mon

Joaquin Phoenix’s latest movie C’mon C’mon is arguably one of the best dramas of 2021. Written and directed by Mike Mills, the movie traces the journey of a radio journalist and his young nephew. While both deal with their own emotional tussles, the duo starts bonding in unexpected ways. RELATED: 5 Ways Joker Is Joaquin Phoenix’s … Read more

Brokeback Mountain Originally Starred Josh Hartnett and Joaquin Phoenix

The roles were passed on to Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger, but it could have been a very different movie. Image via Focus Features In news that may shock many people (including me, I had no idea!) Josh Hartnett told that he and Joaquin Phoenix were originally cast to star opposite each other in … Read more

Paul Thomas Anderson wants to direct Joaquin Phoenix and Daniel Day-Lewis again

At the end of November, Licorice Pizza will hit theaters – 100%, the most recent film from director Paul Thomas Anderson, who is also a producer and writer, and is recognized for his direction in other films such as Magnolia – 84%, Blood Oil – 91%, The Master: Every Man Needs a Guide – 85% … Read more

Joaquin Phoenix doesn’t want compliments for ‘C’mon C’mon’ role

Joaquin Phoenix doesn’t like to take a compliment.  On a recent phone call, filmmaker Mike Mills started to explain why he wanted to work with Phoenix on his new family drama “C’mon C’mon” when the actor politely but firmly cut him off.  “OK, all right, thanks for sharing. Next question?” Phoenix interjected. “You guys are … Read more

Joaquin Phoenix invites you not to eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day

Joaquín Phoenix invites people to adopt a turkey through the Farm Sanctuary initiative. Foto: Rachel Luna / Getty Images Turkey is one of the main foods in the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. However, famous actor Joaquin Phoenix is ​​encouraging people to celebrate Thanksgiving without a turkey. Phoenix and his fiancee Rooney Mara are calling for a … Read more

Joaquin Phoenix says that his role in ‘C’mon C’mon’ restored his love for acting

Hollywood legend has it that ornery comedy superstar W.C. Fields had one guiding principal for all of his movies: “Never work with animals or children.” Due respect to Fields, but Joaquin Phoenix — who shares the screen with 11-year-old Woody Norman in the acclaimed new drama, C’mon C’mon — would disagree. “Our old pal W.C. … Read more

Joaquin Phoenix’s Most Underrated Movies

It’s somewhat ironic that Joaquin Phoenix finally won an Academy Award for playing a Batman villain, because the former child star has pretty much avoided mainstream material for the majority of his career. Phoenix is one of the greatest actors of his generation, and his fascinating public persona generates more hype for each upcoming performance. … Read more

Joaquin Phoenix Was Traumatized By Interviews as a Kid

“I am actually surprised at how many entertainment journalists I’ve met who are dicks,” the actor told IndieWire, but his new movie helped him understand the process. It’s hard to imagine an actor with more disdain for the interview process than Joaquin Phoenix. Over the years, Phoenix’s awkward responses to questions from interviews have practically … Read more