Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s 10 Best Performances (That Aren’t Negan)

With a few swings of a baseball bat, an effortlessly cool demeanor, and some unforgettable quips, Jeffrey Dean Morgan earned himself a fierce legion of fans as The Walking Dead’s most lovable baddie Negan. Morgan is now one of television’s most popular actors, yet he’s been earning a reputation as a reliable, often remarkable presence … Read more

Jeffrey Tambor Accused of Sexual Harassment by ‘Transparent’ Actress Trace Lysette

Another woman has come forward with accusations of sexual harassment against “Transparent” star Jeffrey Tambor. Trace Lysette, a trans actress who has had a recurring role on the Amazon series, issued a statement to The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday accusing Tambor of having made “many sexual advances and comments at me, but one time it … Read more

Space dominance thanks to SpaceX – Elon Musk can now become a legend

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What the 2009 settlement between Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew’s plaintiff says (and why it matters in the case against the Duke of York)

Dominic Casciani National and Legal Affairs Correspondent 2 hours Image source, Virginia Roberts Caption, Prince Andrew with Virginia Roberts and Ghislaine Maxwell in 2001. Virginia Giuffre has agreed not to sue anyone related to Jeffrey Epstein who could be described as a “potential defendant,” a 2009 damages settlement against the sex offender shows. The document, … Read more

‘Transparent’ star Trace Lysette claims Jeffrey Tambor harassed her

Trace Lysette, a star in the Amazon series Transparent, has accused Jeffrey Tambor of sexual misconduct. Lysette plays the yoga instructor Shea in the award-winning series. She is the second person to speak out against the alleged actions of Tambor, 73, who has won two Emmys for the groundbreaking role as trans woman Maura Pfefferman. “Sadly, I must add my … Read more

Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Lauren Cohan Want to Play Batman & Joker In The DCEU

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan voice their strong interest in portraying two of DC’s most legendary characters, Batman and Joker. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan hope that one day they’ll get to portray Batman & Joker in the DCEU. The legendary comic book adversaries have captivated audiences since 1940. Onscreen, they have been played … Read more

Transparent star Trace Lysette wants to “make a really great season five” after Jeffrey Tambor axe

Transparent star Trace Lysette, who accused co-star Jeffrey Tambor of sexual misconduct, says she wants to “make a really great season five” of the hit show. It comes after Tambor, who stars as Maura Pfefferman in the Amazon series, was officially axed after Lysette accused him of sexual misconduct last year. Lysette’s claim was among other allegations made against Tambor. His former … Read more

“What If …?” of Marvel breaks its own rules in the most excellent of apocalypses | CRITICISM | Disney + | What if | Ultron | Watcher | Jeffrey Wright | Watchman | Vision | Multiverse | | SKIP-ENTER

According to the criteria of Know more Another day, another apocalypse that presents “What If…?”, The animated series from Marvel Studios. At this point, unleashing the end of the world has been a constant in this series, as well as knowing that the Watcher is still in place, an unfazed witness to the events of … Read more

At her trial for sex crimes, Ghislaine Maxwell portrayed as “mistress of the house” by Jeffrey Epstein

The Manhattan court where Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial is taking place, in New York, United States, November 30, 2021. CARLO ALLEGRI / REUTERS At her trial in New York for sex trafficking of minors, Ghislaine Maxwell, former companion and collaborator of the American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein who died in 2019, was portrayed, Thursday, December 2, as … Read more

Ghislaine Maxwell: Jeffrey Epstein’s pilot testifies that Clinton, Trump and Prince Andrew flew in the jet of the late mogul convicted of sex trafficking

Drafting BBC News World 5 hours Image source, Reuters Caption, Larry Visoski, who testified in New York court, worked for Epstein for more than 25 years The names of Prince Andrew of England, former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump and actor Kevin Spacey were again linked to that of the late American billionaire Jeffrey … Read more