Bologna, the positives are 8. Mihajlovic between anger and irony

Sinisa without 11 players tomorrow in Cagliari: “We will invent something, I’m not complaining, I think that honesty pays more than cunning. I hope that certain choices have been made in good faith” From our correspondent Matteo Dalla Vite January 10 – Casteldebole (Bo) Three other positives in the team group (Bartha, Amey and Urbanski): … Read more

Nostalgia of the dance floor and bedroom. Bruno Ferrari on the album “Electrofantasex” does not spare synths, irony and insight

Bruno Ferrari, the alter-ego frontman of the darkly electronic Vanessa Samir Hauser, returns after four years with a new portion of his decadent disco-chanson. According to the singer himself, the album “Electrofantasex” is supposed to improve immunity, which is definitely useful now. How did this musical panacea? Samir Hauser’s other face is a decadent bon … Read more

a paper boat between irony and melancholy

The Turin singer-songwriter Word today launches the official videoclip of his latest single, C6. The song, published on digital platforms for IoBoh Dischi / Artist First on July 9th, from today it is also launched on the radio. C6 it was written by himself Word and produced by Andrea “Andy” Mancini. For the launch, a … Read more