Major ‘Ms. Marvel’ Cast Members Just Revealed Their Involvement in ‘The Marvels’

In the next few years, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have a lot to look forward to with Phase Four of the mega-franchise. Marvel will introduce many new characters in its upcoming projects, and some of them are already being included in highly anticipated projects. It was announced that Iman Vellani, the actor playing … Read more

Marvel Responds to Dave Bautista’s Claim About His Involvement in Disney’s ‘What If…?’

The MCU‘s What If…? has hit Disney+ and fans have been loving the alternate take on some of the stories that they’ve seen in the popular films over the past 13 years. A surprising amount of actors from the main franchises of Marvel have shown up to lend their voices to the new animated series, … Read more

Israel accuses Iran of rejecting any involvement

The “Mercer Street” tanker was the target Thursday of a drone attack, killing two people. Article written by Posted the 08/01/2021 19:21 Update the 08/01/2021 20:52 Reading time : 1 min. The tone is rising between Israel and Iran. Israel argued Sunday August 1 to hold “evidence” of Tehran’s involvement in a deadly attack on … Read more