Zynga, Lululemon, Virgin Orbit, Tilray: What to Watch When the Stock Market Opens Today

Updated Jan. 10, 2022 9:34 am ET Wall Street stock indexes opened lower ahead of inflation data and the first wave of major earnings reports later this week. Here’s what we’re watching in Monday’s trading: It’s a happy day in FarmVille: Take-Two Interactive TTWO -1.45% is acquiring Zynga ZNGA -1.10% in a stock-and-cash deal. Zynga … Read more

CES 2022 headline announcements from AMD, Intel, Nvidia and Mobileye

Today, on the eve of the international exhibition CES 2022, several IT giants held traditional presentations of their new products. Let’s start with AMD… The company presented a couple of the most budgetary, and the first based on the 6nm TSMC process technology, desktop video cards: the Radeon RX 6500 XT and RX 6400. This … Read more

Intel buys Recon to get new glasses

Intel buys Recon company, which is specialized in the creation of different wearables. Recon had recently put on sale a new smartglass, the Recon Jet, smart glasses that have a screen to display information with a camera for capturing images and videos included. The purchase of Intel would have been mainly for the acquisition of … Read more

Intel 4004 turns 50

Intel 4004 celebrates its 50th anniversary today, which considered the world’s first commercially available single-chip microprocessor (Wikipedia). He has an area of ​​12 mm2, 2.25 thousand transistors, clock frequency 740 kHz, 4-bit data bus, 10-µm technical process and performance from 60 thousand to 93 thousand instructions per second. For comparison, the 30-ton ENIAC tube computer … Read more

Overclocker takes the mighty Intel Core i9-12900K to 6.8GHz and sets multiple records

As we have already revealed here, Intel has finally announced the new 12th generation Alder Lake processors. The models can already be pre-ordered, but they only hit shelves on November 4th. All eyes are on the powerful Intel Core i9-12900K, considered to be the best gaming CPU in the world. And now an overclocker managed … Read more

Container crisis in the USA – “The situation is getting worse every day”

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Intel Unveils Loihi 2 Neuromorphic Processor, Samsung Unveils Copy And Paste Concept Of Brain Neural Connections On Neuromorphic Chips

Today, four years after the announcement of Loihi, Intel introduced the 2nd generation of this neuromorphic processor. Here’s what the characteristics of both chips look like: Loihi 2 Long Technical process Intel 4 (former 7nm) Intel 14 nm Crystal area 31 mm 2 60 mm 2 Number of transistors 2.3 billion 2.1 billion Number of … Read more

Alder Lake and Sapphire Rapids: details on new Intel processors

Last week, as part of Intel Architecture Day 2021, the company unveiled the most significant, according to Raj Koduri, update to its line of processors in the last 10 years – the Alder Lake family (for laptops and PCs) and Sapphire Rapids (for servers and data centers). This is the 12th generation of Core processors: … Read more