Salma Hayek recounts terrifying knife attack on Hollywood Walk of Fame after getting own star

Fans and celebrities alike came out to the TCL Chinese Theatre on Friday night but it wasn’t for the typical film premiere inside the hallowed halls — instead, crowds gathered outside the building on the sidewalk to see actor Salma Hayek be awarded the 2,709th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Los Angeles Mayor … Read more

Jack Nicholson: when he found out that his sister was his real mother | FAME

When Jack Nicholson He was 37 years old, he discovered the truth about his origin and only then did he understand where his free spirit and need to conquer the screens came from. His life had been a complete lie, although he had to become a consecrated Hollywood actor to just unravel the secret best … Read more

Deborah Kerr, the free Hollywood star in five movies | Culture

“The blue of Deborah Kerr’s eyes is the same as that of Madrid’s Gran Vía in the fifties when it got dark and the facades of the cinemas lit up,” writes José Luis Garci in the book Deborah, recently edited by Notorius: the full interview that the Spanish director made with the Hollywood star in … Read more

Biggest Hollywood blockbuster flops – Jennifer Lopez’s Gigli to A-list cast movie Cats

They are the mega-bucks blockbusters that bombed at the office! The Daily Star revealed on Tuesday that director Sir Ridley Scott has blamed millennials for historical epic The Last Duel flopping in cinemas. The £75million flick, which stars Matt Damon, Adam Driver and Jodie Comer, suffered from a smartphone generation that “doesn’t ever want to … Read more

Why did Tobey Maguire disappear after Spiderman?

Donato Sardella / Getty Images Tobey Maguire was one of Hollywood’s most recognizable actors in the 2000s for wearing the Spider-Man suit, but his name became less prevalent over the years. Sony Pictures Tobey Maguire debuted as a supporting character and uncredited in comedy The Wizard 1989, then went through some television series and his … Read more

All about Eduardo Minett, the actor from La rosa de Guadalupe who is getting ready to conquer Hollywood | Soap operas | Clint Eastwood | Mexico | MX | SHOWS

Updated on 10/01/2021 08:14 pm “The Rose of Guadalupe” It is one of the most watched programs in Mexico and all of Latin America. Throughout all these years, the series has seen many established actors and promises of interpretation pass, among them Eduardo Minett. MORE INFORMATION: The true meaning of the draft in “La rosa … Read more

Samara Weaving’s rise from local actress to Hollywood rising star

Samara wears Simone Rocha shirtdress and skirt; Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole ring | DANIEL JACK LYONS TO PREPARE for her role as Jessica, a social-media influencer struggling with body dysmorphia in Hulu’s Nine Perfect Strangers, Samara Weaving got to scrolling. “I won’t name any names, but there were a couple [influencers] that I followed very … Read more

Why Jessica Alba Abandoned Her Hollywood Career At The Peak Of Success | Vips

There was no one more desired than her in the early years of the century. It did not matter which men’s magazine asked, Jessica Alba exercised an absolutist reign in those rankings of most attractive women that ended up evaporating from the headlines thanks to complaints of systematic objectification. Alba herself also longed for that … Read more

Erich von Stroheim, the irrepressible director that Hollywood cornered

Hollywood has left us with numerous cases of successful actors who jumped into the direction with brilliance. Less frequently, an actor, having succeeded as a director, is relegated back to his role as an interpreter. This was the case with Erich von Stroheim, inordinate genius and intractable and scandalous director that he ended up being … Read more