Oscars 2022 predictions: Will Smith or Benedict Cumberbatch? Jessica Chastain or Nicole Kidman? Here’s who we think will take home the big awards | Ents & Arts News

After COVID restrictions led to a somewhat muted ceremony (and terrible ratings) last year, the Oscars is back where it belongs at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles – and the Academy has made a swathe of changes aimed at attracting viewers back to the event. Following a few years of hostless ceremonies, there will … Read more

Nba, mvp of the first part of the season: here’s who deserves it

From 10th to 1st, this is how the uncertain race for the most coveted individual prize is going Davide Chinellato @dchinellato January 15 – Milano The race is open. Indeed, very open. Mid-season it’s awfully hard to say who deserves the mvp, with at least 3 candidates almost on the same level. Mid-season, however, it … Read more

Tech Firms Losing Staff? Here’s Why Employees are Quitting! SpaceX One of the Most Affected

Tech firms are now suffering from higher attrition rates as more and more employees quit their jobs. Some of the companies affected by the so-called “Great Resignation” are Apple and Google. (Photo : Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images) Of course, some individuals might think that the main reason is unfair salary. However, experts provided other … Read more

Here’s how to register, rules and details

After the success of the 2021 edition, which made more than 50 thousand teams play, the Fanta sanremo. The only and inimitable game that concerns the Festivàl of the Italian Song, in no time, it became a real one mass phenomenon.Thanks to a brilliant and fun regulation, the community is constantly expanding. Participate in the … Read more

Abarth F595, special series in 165 units: here’s how to buy it online

The House of the Scorpion has made its fast sporty compact even more special, both outside and in the cockpit. Low price compared to the purchase in the dealership and rich endowment A special model that becomes even more “Special”, as long as you buy it on the web. Abarth has launched an initiative that … Read more

Why Do People Hate Brie Larson? (And Here’s Why They Shouldn’t!)

If you’ve followed Brie Larson‘s career for any length of time, then you know that one of the biggest roles on her résumé is Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She’s done many other awesome movies outside of the MCU, but her iconic superhero role is still how she is most widely recognized by … Read more

Covid: the Omicron wave is very different from the previous 4, here’s why

The HuffPostThe wave of Covid-19 caused by the Omicron variant is very different from the previous ones. SCIENCE – Every day its record. On Wednesday January 5, the government announced that it had listed 332,252 confirmed Covid-19 cases in a single day, exploding the previous day’s record of 271,686. The Omicron variant would be responsible … Read more

Thinking about booking the 2022 vacation? Here’s the holiday calendar

THE The year has just started, but for many this is the time to start planning the holidays that will mark in 2022. If that’s your case, know that this year brings the possibility of many long weekends, as the Minute News had already advanced. It is worth remembering that, by rules, companies have until … Read more

Did NASA hire 24 theologians? Here’s what you actually need to know

The search for life beyond Earth is already riddled with conspiracy. Throw some religion in the mix and it’s enough to get people enticed. Several news websites were buzzing with rumors over NASA recently hiring a team of theologians to help predict humanity’s reaction to finding alien life. However, that’s barely half the truth. While … Read more