“The End of Things”, by Byung-Chul Han: in a disembodied world

Visitors immersed in “Machine Hallucinations – Space: Metaverse”, by Refik Anadol, in Hong Kong, recently. TYRONE SIU/REUTERS “The End of Things. Upheavals in the world of life” (Undinge. Umbrüche der Lebenswelt), by Byung-Chul Han, translated from German by Olivier Mannoni, Actes Sud, “Questions de société”, 144 p., €16, digital €12. ” Tell me, when will … Read more

Christopher Walken, from lion tamer to almost Han Solo in 10 curiosities

No one questions that Christopher Walken is one of the best actors of recent times. It is true that his popularity has never reached the levels of Robert De Niro or Al Pacino, to give examples of interpreters of his generation who have incarnated characters with characteristics similar to those made by him. But this … Read more

Cobra Kai: Why Jackie Chan Will Never Reappear As Mr. Han From The 2010 Movie | Karate Kid | FAME

Some years before the launch of “Cobra Kai“, Sony tried to restart”Karate Kid“With a modern take on the franchise, starring Jackie Chan Y Jaden Smith. Like Mr. Han and Dre Parker, respectively, the actors relived the dynamics of the Mr. Miyagi and Daniel Larusso films, albeit outside of their timeline and without the same luck. … Read more

Harrison Ford Reportedly Done Filming Han Solo’s ‘Star Wars’ Return

Recently, online rumors started flying that 79-year-old Harrison Ford (Air Force One, What Lies Beneath, American Graffiti) would be making a surprising return to the Star Wars franchise, despite his known distaste for a galaxy far, far away — and, more specifically, as fans will recall, Force ghosts. Credit: Lucasfilm Related: Mark Hamill Shares Never-Before-Heard Story … Read more

Christopher Walken talks about losing the role of Han Solo: “It would have been terrible”

Christopher Walken has spoken of his audition to play Han Solo in Star Wars 1977, stating that he is “very happy” that Harrison Ford was cast. The actor, known for roles in films such as The Hunter, Annie Hall and Pulp Fiction, auditioned to play the captain of the Millennium Falcon before Star Wars became … Read more