Weekend estimates: top three stay the same as bevy of new releases fight over the scraps

There was something for everyone in movie theaters this weekend, but the combination of Halloween falling on the weekend and too much competition made going tough for the six films either opening, expanding, or being re-issued in wide release. The competition hit Dune a touch harder than our model expected, but it will easily remain … Read more

Weekend estimates: Dune lands with $40.1 million stateside, hits $220 million worldwide

While Dune isn’t quite living up to the most optimistic predictions, it’s doing enough to be considered a success so far, with Warner Bros. projecting it will earn $40.1 million domestically by close of business today. That includes $9.03 million from 404 IMAX screens, which amounts to 22.5% of the nationwide total—one of the highest … Read more

Weekend estimates: Halloween kills it with $50.4-million debut

Halloween Kills is continuing the good run of results at the domestic box office this weekend with a very solid opening, which Universal is projecting will just clear $50 million. That’s easily ahead of Friday morning’s predicted $41.2 million, and the second-best weekend for the 43-year-old franchise, only surpassed by the 2018 incarnation. It also … Read more

Halloween Kills: Jamie Lee Curtis assures that this film will be much more bloody, brutal and intense

As far as horror movies are concerned, Halloween – 94% by John Carpenter, released in 1978, has earned an important place by becoming a classic not only visually, but also in musical composition; not for nothing is it so easy to recognize the film just by hearing the first notes of the soundtrack that elevates … Read more

Jamie Lee Curtis says Halloween (2018) was ahead of #Metoo and the sequel retains that spirit

One of the characteristics of many slashers is that the protagonist and survivor of many films is a woman. In fact, this last aspect is even known as the final girl. If we make a superficial reading of that, surely it may seem to some a very feminist and empowering topic, but the reality is … Read more

Jamie Lee Curtis Offers New Impressions Of “Halloween Kills”

Curtis has garnered high praise for the film’s director and screenwriter. | Universal Pictures In preparation for its imminent arrival in theaters, Universal Pictures has released a first full trailer for “Halloween Kills,” the long-awaited sequel to the reboot released in 2018 under the direction of David Gordon Green, who presents a reboot of the … Read more