Benicio del Toro, film guerrilla

Benicio, the bull The Puerto Rican actor receives this Friday at the San Sebastián Festival a well-deserved Donostia Award for a career full of personal projects under the direction of directors such as Steven Soderbergh, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Abel Ferrara and Terry Gilliam. Benicio del Toro (San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1967) took off as an … Read more

“Let me join you”, by Amina Damerdji: guerrilla warfare reinvented

Haydée Santamaria (left) and Fidel Castro, April 27, 1957. UMAR LEYLA/GAMMA Daily harassments for the inhabitants of Havana, power cuts can have virtuous effects. Amina Damerdji owes them for having met Haydée Santamaria (1923-1980). More than forty years after the death of this great forgotten figure of the Revolution, the student is preparing a thesis … Read more

The death of Abimael Guzman, founder of the Peruvian Maoist guerrilla Shining Path

Abimael Guzman, at Callao High Security Prison, Peru, November 5, 2004. MARIANA BAZO / REUTERS Its name is synonymous with terror in Peru. The founder of the Shining Path Maoist guerrilla, Abimael Guzman, instigator of the armed struggle in 1980, died on Saturday September 11, at the age of 86, in his cell in Callao … Read more