Germans’ concerns for 2022 reveal “worrying findings”

Dhe Germans are increasingly afraid for their money. Almost every fourth German citizen expects their own financial situation to deteriorate in 2022, shows the study “Consumers in Germany” by the consulting company EY, which is available exclusively to WELT. The self-forecast value has thus more than doubled compared to the previous year and is now … Read more

Joachim Sauer on vaccination quota: “This is also due to a certain laziness of the Germans”

lppeupeketleu eulaeaeuenuekOeu. „Lek velpe helue Bleaeu en OelueO Bllueltepeu peeulvulleu“, peal pel GneuleuekeOlhel nup BkeOeuu uuu Pnupepheuetellu Puaete Zelhet. lO 6epoloek Oll pel lletleulpekeu Ieaepeellnua „Ue Beonpptlee“, Oll pel VBUI lu pel enluoolpekeu Zepleuettleue UBZP uelpnupeu lpl, pollekl el epel epel ple BeupeOle-Pllnelluu nup ple lOotheOoup lu. VBUI: Vle elhtoleu Ple place ple lO enluoolpekeu … Read more

Torture murder of Siegsdorf researcher Bernard von Bredow – police arrest Germans in Paraguay

The Siegsdorf researcher Bernard von Bredow and his daughter Loreena were murdered on their property in Paraguay (right). © private / dpa (assembly) fromMartin Weidner conclude Asunción / Siegsdorf – After the gruesome torture murder of researcher Bernard von Bredow († 62) from Siegsdorf and his daughter Loreena († 14), there is now a success … Read more

Merkel’s farewell visit to France: Dominant Germans or unexcited girlfriend?

Status: 03.11.2021 01:58 a.m. An era will also come to an end for France when President Macron receives Chancellor Merkel on her farewell visit today. How is Merkel’s work assessed in France? What do the French remember? By Julia Borutta, ARD Studio Paris An old castle, a good wine, a beguiling landscape – the Chateau … Read more

Pandemic: As if only federal politics could protect Germans from Corona

opinion pandemic As if only federal politics could protect Germans from Corona Stand: 8:01 p.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes These corona protective measures should soon apply The prime ministers of the federal states end their annual meeting today in Koenigswinter near Bonn. The central topic was the further legal protection of the corona protective … Read more

From Kabul airport: more foreigners flown out of Afghanistan – including Germans

Updated September 11, 2021, 4:32 p.m. People can again be flown out of Afghanistan from Kabul Airport. More than 250 foreigners were able to leave the country, including numerous Germans. Meanwhile, NATO wants to initiate an investigation into the disastrous end of the longstanding military mission. You can find more news about Afghanistan here With … Read more

Fears of Germans: Citizens fear higher taxes and inflation

Dhe Corona crisis will go down in history as a turning point in some respects. It has caused a paradigm shift, especially in the relationship between the state, business and citizens. This is also reflected in the fears that haunt Germans. In year two of the pandemic, concerns about their own health are less of … Read more

Escape from the Taliban: Many Germans accept large numbers of refugees – on one condition

Updated on September 4th, 2021, 6:45 p.m. Thousands of people have fled the country since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan. Should Germany now only give refuge to people who used to work for German institutions? A survey shows: Germans are divided when it comes to accepting refugees. You can find more news about … Read more

Corona vaccination: Christian Drosten sees “indifference” among Germans

Germany Coronavirus Insufficient vaccination rate – Drosten expects consistent political measures Stand: 03.09.2021 | Reading time: 3 minutes Christian Drosten is disappointed with the vaccination rate in Germany Source: dpa / Kay Nietfeld Virologist Christian Drosten is skeptical that Germany will soon achieve a sufficient vaccination quota. This is also due to an “indifference” in … Read more

Germans fear for their lives in Afghanistan – and Merkel laughs in the cinema – domestic politics

Thousands of German citizens and Afghan local workers fear for their lives in Afghanistan. Bundeswehr paratroopers were sent on a life-threatening mission to rescue them. And Chancellor Angela Merkel (67, CDU)? Went to the cinema on Monday night. The Chancellor was in a good mood on Monday evening at the film premiere of the documentary … Read more