Cruises, new trends and needs under consideration by companies in the face of a changing geography

The latest discussions on market trends, needs but also on the responses of companies to a changing geography Italian Cruise Day which has just taken place in Savona. “The level of digitization, which has made great strides, impacts all phases – comments Leonardo Massa Managing director Italy Msc Cruises – At the same time the … Read more

Field biologists and NASA planes to map biodiversity in South Africa’s Greater Cape Floristic Region

A protea shrub growing amongst reeds and dozens of other plant species in South Africa’s Greater Cape Floristic Region. Credit: Adam Wilson The region includes two Global Biodiversity Hotspots; the project will document the distribution and function of species and ecosystems Release Date: July 8, 2021 BUFFALO, N.Y. — Scientists from the U.S. and South … Read more