Chris Hemsworth Addresses His Thor Future After Talk of New Spider-Man Trilogy

Chris Hemsworth will have made eight major appearances in the MCU when Thor: Love and Thunder arrives, and the actor commented on his Marvel future. It is always hard to guess where the Marvel Cinematic Universe may go in the future, and when Thor: Love and Thunder was announced in 2019 it was a surprise … Read more

NASA Langley researchers propelling air travel into the future with electricity

HAMPTON, Va. – The next generation of aviation is on its way and local engineers are helping it get off the ground. NASA’s Langley Research Center is working with other NASA locations on a project called the X-57 Maxwell, an experimental airplane flown exclusively with electric-propulsion technology. NASA The X-57 is currently in ground testing … Read more

Keanu Reeves and his immersion in the Matrix: past, present (and future?)

The first time Keanu Reeves attended his training to prepare for the filming of Matrix appeared with a neck brace. Fresh off the ward, the then 32-year-old actor took some care while still recovering after having herniated disc surgery. His condition was favorable but careful enough that he had been prohibited from kicking during his … Read more

Ibra? Yes, but that’s not all. Milan studies the forward of the future: they like the two Alvarezes and an old ball reappears | First page

Ibra wants to stay at Milan for life, he said so. At 40, Zlatan thinks of everything except leaving football. Determined to reach the top more than when he was a kid, in the Rossoneri’s locker room a bit of a father and a bit of a coach. He weaned all the young people, with … Read more

Chris Hemsworth addresses Marvel future after new Thor movie

Chris Hemsworth has weighed in on Thor’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe beyond upcoming film Thor: Love and Thunder. Following the news that Tom Holland is set to don the Spider-Man suit well after No Way Home, Hemsworth has addressed whether his God of Thunder will return for more Marvel movies. “How many Spider-Mans … Read more

Pochettino makes an explosive announcement about his future

On the eve of the reception of FC Bruges in the Champions League, Mauricio Pochettino spoke of his situation at PSG in front of the media. Pochettino dropped by his locker room for his lack of authority In its edition of this Monday, the newspaper L’Équipe revealed that Mauricio Pochettinolost some of his credibility in … Read more

Future of the EU: Europe without Merkel? So it goes on

Angela Merkel (center) at the EU summit in Brussels in October Quelle: picture alliance / AA : Zelhet vel eveltettup epel Iekle ple euaepekeuple Bealelnuapeketlu lu pel BV. Fuke BV-BlotuOeleu pellekleu, Zelhetp aluQe Plolheu voleu aevepeu, enek peu htelueleu Uoupelu enpalepla enenkoleu nup lkle 6epe, pel teplaetekleueu Uelkeuptnuaeu vokleup pel BV-6lotetlletteu llet lu pel Zeeklet … Read more

NASA launch delayed until Tuesday for new tech to help future space missions

New communications and solar particle study lift off Tuesday by: Sharron Melton Posted: Dec 6, 2021 / 09:44 AM CST / Updated: Dec 6, 2021 / 09:44 AM CST A close up of a solar eruption, including a solar flare, a coronal mass ejection, and a solar energetic particle event.Credits: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center … Read more

Corona: Future Minister of Transport advises against traveling at Christmas time

Live Corona-pandemic Future Transport Minister Volker Wissing advises against traveling at Christmas time Stand: 05:05 a.m. | Reading time: 4 minutes “It is normal for us to become infected even if we are vaccinated” Anyone who can be boosted has a “great and high level of vaccination protection, even if you are over 60”, says … Read more