panting race to enjoyment, crumpled sheet metal and bloody flesh

Actress Holly Hunter, as Helen Remington. 1996 ALLIANCE COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION, IN TRUST. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED OCS CHOC – THURSDAY AUGUST 5 AT 8:40 P.M. – FILM Adapted from the already controversial novel by Briton James Graham Ballard (1930-2009) published in 1973, the film Crash (1996) is recognized today as one of the major works of … Read more

Drawing, flesh and blood | The mail

The usual thing is to mention ‘Who framed Roger Rabbit?’, Or ‘Space Jam’ itself, in addition to several Disney classics, with ‘The novice witch’ or ‘Mary Poppins’ at the helm, when it comes to citing films known that integrate animation and real image. However, the references are many since the great cartoonist Winsor McCay, author … Read more

Disney’s Snow White in flesh and blood will be Latina

In a new step towards diversity, the Snow White from Disney in real action (with actors) he will be of Latino descent. Rachel Zegler, who will also be Maria in the version of West Side Story from Steven Spielberg, will sing and will be surrounded by the dwarfs of the mine. And it will be … Read more