House of Gucci | Lady Gaga: What did you say about your starring role in “House of Gucci”? | Patrizia Reggiani | revtli | ANSWERS

After her dazzling film debut with “A Star is Born” (2018), Lady Gaga presents this 2021 a leading role in “House of Gucci”. It is an ambitious and highly anticipated film by Ridley Scott that explores the low instincts and bloody passions that hit haute couture brand Gucci. SIGHT: The dark story of Patrizia Reggiani, … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence admits not having sought “quality” with her most criticized films

Now what Jennifer Lawrence has returned through the front door with ‘Don’t look up‘, Adam McKay’s long-awaited comedy starring Leonardo DiCaprio, the actress has looked back on her career. The Oscar winner por ‘The Good Side of Things’ has always been known in Hollywood for its sincerity and spontaneity in interviews, and this time it … Read more

‘The Exorcist’: Jamie Lee Curtis wants to play the devil in the new installments

After facing Michael Myers six times, the last in ‘Halloween Kills’, it is clear that nothing scares Jamie Lee Curtis in front of the cameras and in fact the actress believes that the time has come to change sides. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Curtis expressed his desire to participate in the new ‘The … Read more

Benedict Cumberbatch’s three favourite films of all time

Celebrated as one of the finest actors of modern cinema, Benedict Cumberbatch has been a presence in the industry since the early noughties, though you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise. Starring in the likes of Starter for 10, Atonement and Four Lions, it wasn’t until the release of the internationally beloved TV series Sherlock that … Read more

‘Don’t look up’: Jennifer Lawrence understands having charged less than Leonardo DiCaprio

The thing about the wage inequality in Holywood between men and women is scandalous, although it seems frivolous to talk about it taking into account the amounts that are handled. In 2020, the highest-paid actor of the year, Dwayne Johnson, earned $ 87.5 million, while the highest-paid actress, Sofia Vergara, only made $ 43 million. … Read more

Star Wars | Adam Driver is open to the possibility of returning to Star Wars

The prominent actor is about to release a new movie alongside Lady Gaga. © Star WarsLearn what Adam Driver said about Star Wars By Maria Jose Rueda Alvarado A few days after the premiere of the movie ‘House of Gucci’, a film that focuses on the family of one of the most influential brands in … Read more

‘Uncharted’: Tom Holland trained very hard to match Mark Wahlberg’s fitness

In February 2022, ‘Uncharted’, the film adaptation of PlayStation video games, will finally hit theaters. This occurs after being delayed a great number of times. The cause of one of them was confinement due to the pandemic. Its protagonist, Tom Holland, admits that he took advantage of that time to train and get closer to … Read more

Logan Lerman would be willing to be Poseidon in the ‘Percy Jackson’ series

Logan Lerman, actor who played Percy Jackson in the film adaptation of this famous literary saga written by Rick Riordan, I would be delighted to re-embody any of the characters in this universe, including Poseidon. Lerman has responded to this possibility that it spread on the networks after the announcement of the new Disney + … Read more

Sophia Lillis Looks to Old French and Italian Films for Inspiration

You might recognize Sophia Lillis from the Netflix series I Am Not Okay With This, or her turn as a young Amy Adams in Sharp Objects. Last year, the 19-year-old actress broke new ground as Beth Bledsoe in Alan Ball’s road-trip-slash-coming-of-age film, Uncle Frank. In her interview for W’s 2021 Best Performances portfolio, Lillis opens … Read more

Emmanuelle Bercot films the end of life in an assumed melody

The mother (Catherine Deneuve) and Benjamin (Benoît Magimel) in “De son vivant”, by Emmanuelle Bercot. LAURENT CHAMPOUSSIN / THE KIOSK FILMS THE OPINION OF THE “WORLD” – WHY NOT Gladly tasting a certain cruelty in the choice of his subjects (Backstage, 2004 ; Heads up, 2015 ; The Girl from Brest, 2016), Emmanuelle Bercot often spares good … Read more