‘How I Met Your Father’: The changes that the series will have with Hilary Duff unlike ‘How I Met Your Mother’ – Noticias de series

Hulu is about to present its version of ‘How I Met Your Mother’, which has several specific changes that make it “more up to date” compared to the original version. We will tell you what are the main changes of ‘How I met your father’. In early 2022, Hilary Duff will bring us an updated … Read more

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Hilary Duff Announces Release Date for How I Met Your Father

Hilary Duff Announces Release Date for How I Met Your Father | Instagram The famous actress and businesswoman Hilary Duff has finally announced the premiere date of the new series of How I Met Your Father with a fun video that he shared on his various social networks. In addition, the cast of the series … Read more

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This is what the cast of ‘How I met your father’ looks like with Hilary Duff as the protagonist

Who has never seen an episode of How i met your mother? It is the series that catapulted to stardom to Neil Patrick Harris y Josh Radnor, among others, the series was even conceived by many as an heir to the essence of Friends, since it touched on many similar themes and the plot revolved … Read more

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How I Met Your Mother | Hulu | “How I Met Your Father”: the synopsis, the cast and everything we know so far about the reboot | Hilary Duff | Josh Peck | Streaming | Series | SKIP-ENTER

According to the criteria of Know more Since its broadcast on CBS ended in 2014, there has been no more news of “How I Met Your Mother”(HIMYM), even though most fans expected at least one spin-off of the series. Now they have nothing to wait because the Hulu streaming service will sponsor the production of … Read more

Will Smith Shares Dark Details About Father In New Memoir

Dave Allocca/Starpix/Shutterstock His new memoir “Will” is out November 9 Actor Will Smith is opening up about a painful part of his past. In his new memoir, “Will,” out November 9, Smith talks candidly about his upbringing, his work as an actor, his marriage, and becoming a father himself. One of the most heartbreaking parts, … Read more