SpaceX setback: Starbase approval denied for now

SpaceX wants to build a spaceport in Boca Chica, Texas. But such an undertaking is of course associated with many conditions and here Elon Musk’s rumfahrt company had to suffer a setback because approval was refused. The Army Corps of Engineers is the engineering corps of the US armed forces and is not only responsible … Read more

NASA’s new X-ray instrument in orbit

The launch was carried out with the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. A small IXPE X-ray research instrument (a mini-satellite weighing nearly 330 kg) flew into space as the main payload of the mission. It has not been indicated that apart from it, other satellites were also in the hold, after all, of the large SpaceX … Read more

NASA mission launch towards the asteroid. An outer space threat defense test

The start took place on November 23 this year. at 22:21 local time (7:21 in Poland, CEST), from the SLC-4E launch stand at the US Space Force Vanderberg base. The carrier rocket was the two-stage Falcon 9 by SpaceX. The payload of the mission was an unusual piece of equipment – the DART, which is … Read more

Starlink Group 4-1. New delivery of satellites after a long hiatus

Just days after the successful flight of the Crew-3 manned mission, SpaceX carried out another launch of the Falcon 9 rocket. The Starlink Group 4-1 mission delivered 53 more satellites of the emerging super constellation into orbit. The start took place exactly on November 13 at 13:19 Polish time from the SLC-40 platform from the … Read more

The mission of the fourth full Crew Dragon crew adds to the delay

The start, originally scheduled for Saturday, October 30 (local time), was first postponed to Wednesday, November 3 this year. The reason for this change was the difficulties related to unfavorable weather. On Monday, November 1, however, NASA indicated that the delay will worsen, which is related to the deterioration of the health of one of … Read more

SpaceX: This is what a next-gen drone ship for booster landings looks like

With the steady development of the Falcon 9 rocket, SpaceX has made landing orbital boosters almost part of everyday life. In the future, however, the return to earth will be much more modern. SpaceX puts its first fully autonomous drone ship into service. Falcon 9 Gen 4. will soon land on second-generation drone ship Falcon … Read more

Successful start of the Inspiration4 mission. The first fully private orbital flight [VIDEO]

A private mission from the very beginning Inspiration4 it was organized with the widely described, lofty sounding goal of promoting the values ​​of leadership, hope, generosity and prosperity as well as charity by introducing its own crew, unrelated to any government mission, into low Earth orbit. The course of the expedition was calculated for a … Read more

SpaceX Working With Space Force for Innovative Launches Like Falcon 9 With GPS III Satellite; Here’s What It Means

The Space Force is investing in reusable rockets and other cutting-edge technology from firms like SpaceX. NASA Space Flight said that a Falcon 9 rocket has previously flown a new-generation GPS Block III Space Vehicle 5 for the US Space Force. The Space Force committed a satellite worth roughly half a billion dollars to the new … Read more

Falcon 9 returned to the launch pad after the summer break

The launch of the Falcon 9 rocket took place on August 29, 2021 from the Kennedy Space Center, located at Cape Canaveral (Florida). It was the first such case in almost two months, so it can be said that the SpaceX rocket returned from a summer break. It was also the third launch of SpaceX … Read more

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Successfully Launches Food, Science Experiments to Space

After a two-month launch hiatus, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched a Dragon cargo spacecraft into orbit early Sunday. This marks the company’s 23rd supply mission to the International Space Station. This one hauled 4,300 pounds of gear, science materials, food, and other necessities. The countdown to zero ticked to zero. The nine Merlin engines … Read more