Kumail Nanjiani’s Muscle-building ‘Eternals’ Workout

Kumail Nanjiani’s workout helped him pull off one of the greatest Marvel transformations of all time for Eternals. Try the muscle-building routine for yourself. Mid-2019, Kumail Nanjiani was filming the last episode of his hit HBO comedy, Silicon Valley. The show followed a group of nerdy app creators navigating the cutthroat world of big tech. Not … Read more

Why Was Kumail Nanjiani’s Kingo Not in the ‘Eternals’ Finale Battle?

If you haven’t yet seen the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) blockbuster, Eternals, you’re in for a treat. The film adds another layer of complexity to the rich tapestry of the MCU, and it’s a pretty fun ride to boot. One of the most entertaining characters is Kingo, an Eternal whose storyline provides quite a … Read more

Weekend estimates: Eternals’ good hold keeps it on top

Eternals will, as expected, come out on top at the box office this weekend, but it’ll do so by a healthier margin than expected thanks to a decent hold, and a very slight under-performance by Clifford the Big Red Dog through the weekend. Eternals is set to earn $27.5 million, according to Disney’s Sunday-morning projection, … Read more

Weekend predictions: Eternals favorite to win weekend, Clifford could be close behind

Eternals should stay top at the box office this weekend, based on our model’s Friday-morning run. But Clifford the Big Red Dog has been putting in very respectable numbers so far and could be surprisingly close to the Marvel if it holds on well through the weekend. Here’s how things stack up this morning… The … Read more

Theater counts: Eternals stays the widest release

November 11, 2021 Last week saw the debut of Walt Disney’s latest Marvel blockbuster in Eternals. The film captured a superb opening weekend of $71.3 million domestically and $90.7 million overseas, and currently enjoys a six-day domestic total of $85 million. It will keep its opening weekend theater count of 4,090 heading into this … Read more

Eternals post-credits scenes explained, and how they set up the MCU’s future

Thena may or may not appear in the one of the post-credits scenes. Marvel Studios Eternals landed in theaters last Friday, bringing the Marvel Cinematic Universe to some trippy cosmic places after a yearlong pandemic-related delay. Oscar-winning director Chloe Zhao‘s movie establishes a new team of immortal heroes tasked with defending Earth from the deadly … Read more

Salma Hayek’s tears when she saw her “brown face” as a superhero in ‘Eternals’

Salma Hayek, in a scene from ‘Eternals’.Marvel Studios (AP) It seemed like a promotional interview like any other, until Salma Hayek shed a few tears in the air. “I saw my dark face in the superhero costume, and when I saw my face I saw your face, I saw my face as a girl, who … Read more

Weekend estimates: Eternals out the gate with a strong $71 million

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 26th outing is opening this weekend very much in line with similar releases in the franchise. Eternals will land with $71 million domestically, according to Disney’s Sunday-morning estimate. That’s about $4 million less than Shang-Chi earned in September, which was in turn about $5 million less than Black Widow’s $80-million opening … Read more

‘Eternals’: The Eternals family tree to understand the new MCU film with Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie – movie news

The origin of the Eternals subspecies dates back millions of years, long before the Big Bang. Learn about the names and races of the new protagonists of the film ‘Eternals’, from the Oscar winner Chloé Zhao. The introduction to Eternals, from Oscar winner Chloé Zhao, tells us in a nutshell why the presence of The … Read more