Salma Hayek, more eternal than ever.

Photo: Salma Hayek / Twitter. Salma Hayek continues to be more than active in the cinematographic field with the recent premiere of the last film in which she has participated, Eternals. Ajak is ready to use all of her power to protect humanity. November 4 arrives #Eternals, only in theaters. – MarvelLATAM (@MarvelLATAM) October … Read more

Kirk Douglas, an eternal star

Kirk Douglas had the classic face of a movie star. With bright blue eyes and a split beard, his screen presence forever marked the history of cinema, especially old Hollywood. His son, Michael Douglas, heir to much of his gallantry, confirmed through a Facebook post the end of his father’s long life. Kirk Douglas was … Read more

Why funeral rites are eternal

Landscape cemetery of Clamart in the Hauts-de-Seine; Architect: Robert Auzelle ALEXANDRE PETZOLD / BIOSPHOTO In the famous tragedy Antigone, written by Sophocles in 441 BC, the young Polynices is found guilty of treason and condemned by King Creon to see his corpse abandoned without burial at the gates of the city of Thebes. Protesting against … Read more

Triumph in the homeland of the eternal juice and a record entry. Five of Son’s most famous races

Skier Ondřej Synek is looking forward to a sports pension. He was relieved, coach Milan Doleček sees it., Sport Invest Beijing 2008 Olympic Games silver In a dramatic battle for gold, he showed a great finish and was less than a second behind Nora Olaf Tuft, who unexpectedly entered the fight between Synek and … Read more

Florian Thauvin, the eternal ‘Diamond in the Rough’?

There are five versions of Florian Thauvin fluttering. All inaccurate, but none disposable or disposable. In the uncomfortable armchair of anxiety and uncertainty, Mexican soccer awaits with its flattering tongues and sharp claws as needed. Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic, all in one place. It is now available. Subscribe NOW. Florian Tristan … Read more

Another wonder of the Thousand and One Nights. The Eternal Unlucky finally debuted for Sparta

Filip Panák from Sparta Prague during the preparatory match with Dukla Prague. Vlastimil Vacek, Right Symbolic alternation. Only in the last minute of the set time of the league duel with Olomouc (3: 2) did he run to the lawn instead of Jakub Pešek. For Filip Panák, however, it was a huge reward. He last … Read more

Faced with its eternal rival Samsung, LG no longer sells Android smartphones but iPhones

LG will continue to sell smartphones in South Korea. Faced with Samsung Electronics, the former Korean rival has found a new major ally. Source : GSM Arena In 2021, we are talking a lot about LG in the TV or home appliance business, as well as audio. It must be said that this year, LG … Read more

“Murina”, variation in troubled waters on the eternal story of caged beauty

Ante (Leon Lucev) and his daughter Julija (Gracija Filipovic) in “Murina”, d’Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic. RF FEATURES/SPOK FILMS DIRECTORS ‘Fortnight The moray eel is this eel fish from the Mediterranean basin whose sharp teeth and sinuous suppleness have legendary reflections. Besides its scientific name, Muraena helena, which evokes the beautiful Helena, the most famous woman in … Read more