Epic Games disables some popular Fortnite skins due to problems

Fortnite does not have some skins active right now due to problems with the game. These gave failures in their frame rate and closed the game. Epic Games has decided to disable some popular skins of Fortnite for a problem that crashes the game. The company is already looking for a solution and these will … Read more

Marcel Ruiz reunites with One Day at a Time cast for epic new season

One Day at a Time is making its grand return to television! After being canceled by Netflix, championed by social media and picked up by POP, the series that follows the lives of a Cuban-American family (starring Rita Moreno and Justina Machado) is back for its fourth season. Marcel Ruiz, who plays the over-confident teenager … Read more

James Webb: Telescope Completes Epic Deployment Sequence

Jonathan Amos BBC Science Correspondent 6 hours Image source, NASA Caption, Webb is now in the configuration designed to view the cosmos. It’s done. The largest astronomical mirror ever sent into space is assembled and ready to focus. The gold reflector, the centerpiece of the new James Webb telescope, straightened into its 6.5-meter-wide full concave … Read more

Epic rescue, cinema pioneer, salsa … The weekend replays

MORNING LIST Image taken from the documentary “Charlie Chaplin, the genius of freedom”, written by François Aymé and Yves Jeuland, and directed by Yves Jeuland. FRANCE 5 This weekend, to start the year, two frenzied trips, to New York to dance salsa (yes …) and on the enchanted banks of the French Riviera ; two … Read more

DC Comics epic ‘Kingdom Come’ a ‘dream project’ for Dwayne Johnson

This summer, Dwayne Johnson will finally fulfill a years-long dream with the release of Black Adam, his DC Extended Universe debut, in which he stars at the title antihero. Black Adam has been a long time coming, but the film’s ambitious setup, including the arrival of the Justice Society of America on the big screen, seems to … Read more

Mean Girls Day: Cast of Heavy Girls has an epic virtual reunion

What day is today? It’s October 3 and that can only mean one thing: it’s Mean Girls Day. Unlike other years, this 2020 as chaotic and forgettable it has been, included a surprise on this date so remembered (and celebrated) by fans of the movie Heavy Girls – 83% globally. It is a virtual meeting … Read more

the extraordinary epic of Latin music

Salsa lessons in the streets of New York in the 1960s. MUSEUM CITY, NEW YORK/ARTE ARTE.TV – ON DEMAND – DOCUMENTARY More than jazz, rock, blues or rap, Latin music has punctuated New York in working-class neighborhoods since the 1950s. This documentary, rich in filmed archives and endowed with an irresistible soundtrack, which shows the … Read more

Tom Holland Slings Back, Anne Hathaway’s Burn and Regina King’s Epic Flex

Jimmy Kimmel’s other “Mean Tweets” targets include Tom Hanks, Kevin Hart, Dakota Johnson, Timothée Chalamet, John Cena, Henry Winkler, Tracy Morgan and more! Once again, it was time to see how thick celebrity skin is as Jimmy Kimmel unleashed his latest onslaught of “Mean Tweets” on Hollywood’s elite. And as usual, they seemed to take … Read more

Sylvester Stallone’s Favorite Action Movie Is A Korean War Epic

Sylvester Stallone once revealed that one of his personal favorite action movies is 2004’s acclaimed South Korean epic The Brotherhood Of War. Sylvester Stallone’s favorite action movie is a heartbreaking Korean war epic called The Brotherhood Of War. After a lean few years following the failure of projects like serial killer movie D-Tox, Stallone made … Read more