Stroud, the English birthplace of environmental activists

Pair Lucas Minisini Posted today at 01:12 Reserved for our subscribers ReportageThis village in the west of Great Britain was the birthplace of the environmental group Extinction Rebellion in 2018. The militant energy that boils in this former working-class town continues to attract young people and residents fleeing London. But the Covid-19 pandemic could well … Read more

It took Mile 22’s Iko Uwais 4 days to film one fight, but the English language was still his biggest challenge

Here’s a fun little anecdote: It’s almost 7 years to the day that I first heard about The Raid. This little martial arts movie starring an unknown Indonesian cast being directed by an unknown Welsh guy had just blown minds at the Toronto International Film Festival, and I needed to see it bad. It would … Read more

in Iraq, mourning for the families of Kurds who drowned in the English Channel

Par Ghazal Golshiri Posted today at 02:35, updated at 02:42 Reserved for our subscribers StoryIn cities of Iraqi Kurdistan, three families of victims of the sinking of November 24 evoke the course of their relatives and the reasons which pushed them to leave to join the United Kingdom. Round and silent, Zardiah Muhammadamin is dressed … Read more

The majority of migrants drowned in the English Channel at the end of November have now been identified

They had drowned in the English Channel on the night of November 24 while trying to reach the English coast. Twenty-six of the twenty-seven people who died that night were “Formally identified”, announced the Paris prosecutor in a press release on Tuesday, December 14. The victim identification commission, held on Monday, confirmed “The identity of … Read more

leomeconi the new album is half in English, half in Italian: side A, side B

New album for the young man leomeconi. It’s out on Friday 10th December for Playaudio/Azzurra Music, in digital and physical format, lato A, side B, a record, as the title suggests, half in Italian and half in English. After the first album I’ll Fly Away, entirely in English and featuring folk and acoustic pop sounds, … Read more

BBC The Graham Norton Show: Jennifer Lawrence’s life from being ‘discovered’ on the street at 14, dating English rockstar and surprise pregnancy

Best known for her role as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games franchise, Jennifer Lawrence has become a household name all over the world in recent years. Tonight (December 10), she will be appearing on The Graham Norton Show on BBC One alongside fellow guests Keanu Reeves, Olivia Coleman, Mahershala Ali and comedian Jack Whitehall. … Read more

Gang of scammers threatened US migrants with deportation if they didn’t pay for non-existent English classes | Univision Immigration News

A gang of scammers took advantage of dozens of immigrants in the United States, those who falsely threatened to deport or arrest them if they did not pay for non-existent English courses. Criminals concocted their fraud for eight years from call centers thousands of miles away, in Lima, Peru, managing to get $ 2 million. … Read more

Chris Evans discusses his new book about Don Revie, which looks at the life of the former English international footballer

Don Revie was the inspiration for Jack Charlton’s glorious decade of success with Ireland. And Leeds United’s eight years of eighties’ wilderness in English football’s second-tier would have been prevented had the club appointed John Giles as Revie’s successor in the summer of 1974. So says Chris Evans whose acclaimed book about the Leeds and … Read more

between migrants and Brexit, the fishermen of the English Channel in the midst of a storm

Photo taken by a fisherman during a rescue of migrants, off the coast of Boulogne-sur-Mer, on November 3, 2021. THE JOHANNA Sobs in his voice, Karl Maquinghen struggles to find the words to describe what he calls ” the horror “. Second on the Boulonnais trawler St. James II, this 37-year-old fisherman, twenty-one of whom … Read more