Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson confessed their love crush during filming

20 years have passed since the premiere of the films of Harry Potter, Y HBO Max prepared the specialHarry Potter: Regreso a Hogwarts” with exclusive interviews with its protagonists. There, actors revealed unknown information about the recordings, and Daniel Radcliffe beside Emma Watson they confessed their love arrows. Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson … Read more

Emma Watson ‘Fell in Love’ With ‘Harry Potter’ Co-Star and On-Screen Rival But Claims Nothing ‘Ever Ever Ever Ever Happened Romantically’

English actor Emma Watson became famous in 2001 when Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone debuted. At just 10 years old, she slipped on her robe and made a name for herself as Hermione Granger, daughter to two Muggle dentists and ultimately a close friend of Harry Potter. During this first movie, she “fell in love” with co-star and … Read more

Emma Stone Called Andrew Garfield a ‘Jerk’ For Lying About ‘Spider-Man’

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. Eric Charbonneau/Shutterstock; John Salangsang/Shutterstock Good at keeping secrets. Andrew Garfield revealed that ex Emma Stone called him out after learning he lied about appearing in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Garfield, 38, revealed that Stone, 33, frequently reached out to him about the rumors he would return as Spider-Man in the … Read more

Emma Watson reveals the perfect skincare routine to have porcelain skin at 30

Emma Watson She is one of the most beautiful actresses and the 31-year-old has become an icon of beauty. Through an interview with Into the Gloss, the protagonist of Harry Potter revealed his skincare routine to show off porcelain skin. Curiosity about the world of beauty came to Emma Watson when she was filming Harry … Read more

Emma Watson, ‘Harry Potter’ Costar Tom Felton ‘Speak Most Weeks’

Emma Watson and Tom Felton. David Fisher/Shutterstock; Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP/Shutterstock Staying close! While it’s been nearly 20 years since Emma Watson first acted with Tom Felton, the Harry Potter costars still make it a habit to stay in touch. “We speak most weeks, and we just think it’s sweet,” the Little Woman star, 31, told British Vogue of the … Read more

“10 points to Gryffindor for being anti-Semitic”: Israel criticizes Emma Watson for a pro-Palestinian post

Published: 5 ene 2022 13:53 GMT The actress published a photo of demonstrators with Palestinian flags, in which the phrase “Solidarity is a verb” can be read. British actress Emma Watson, famous for playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter saga, has received a harsh response from Israel after sharing a post on her social … Read more

Emma Watson’s look for Vogue, 20 years after Harry Potter

The world watched her grow up from being the little witch friend of Harry Potter to become one of the most influential women in the world. Icon fashion from red carpet and benchmark for sustainable fashion, Emma watson was captured under the lens of Vogue Briton in a series of sophisticated black and white portraits. … Read more

Why Emma Watson and Rupert Grint Debated Quitting ‘Harry Potter’

Fan-favorite actors Emma Watson and Rupert Grint both carved out distinct, exciting careers. But the Harry Potter films link them. Cast in the first movie,  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, when they were young children, they grew up alongside their fans, appearing in all eight entries.  Still, growing up in the spotlight wasn’t always easy. In a reunion special released … Read more

Emma Watson quit acting? Finally cleared up the rumors

He was subdued/Getty Image The last time we saw Emma Watson in the cinema was at the end of 2019 with the premiere of Little women. The actress was slightly active on social networks for some months of 2020 but in August of that year we stopped hearing from her. A change in her official … Read more

“Maniac”: we remember “Superbad”, the film that launched Emma Stone to fame | LIGHTS

Lima, September 20, 2018Updated on 09/20/2018 08:22 am Before becoming one of the highest paid and most famous stars in Hollywood, Emma Stone was an unknown young woman who had a supporting role in the comedy “Superbad.” This movie was his rise to fame. The film “Superbad” tells the adventures of teenagers Seth (Jonah Hill) … Read more