She looks up! Meet Brazil who showed NASA an asteroid could hit Earth

13 January 2022 Student, youth at USP’s Ribeirao Preto School of Medicine (FMRP) Verena PacolaThe 22-year-old has already helped the US space agency NASA discover 25 asteroids, one of which is likely to hit Earth. Classified as a “Vulnerable Asteroid”, one of our Kate DiBiaski’s main findings – from character Jennifer Lawrence In the film … Read more

New NASA chief scientist pledges a plan to renew agency’s Earth satellite fleet

NASA’s newly appointed science and Earth science lead says there is “more to plan” when it comes to figuring out next priorities for the agency’s aging satellite fleet. Katherine Calvin is the first NASA chief scientist to also act as the agency’s senior climate advisor, a role created in February 2021. Calvin is serving in … Read more

NASA Warning! An Asteroid is Passing By Earth on Jan. 18 | How to Watch Using Telescope

NASA warned that an asteroid three times the size of the Empire State Building is passing by Earth on Jan. 18. (Photo : by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV – APRIL 19: Las Vegas Astronomical Society vice president of special events Keith Caceres uses computer software connected to his telescope to locate asteroid 2014 … Read more

the year 2021 was the fifth hottest year on Earth, according to Copernicus

Lac des Brenets, in the Doubs, September 20, 2018. FABRICE COFFRINI / AFP The year 2021 entered the top 5 hottest years on record, reveals Copernicus, the European Earth Observation Service, in a report published on Monday, January 10. In addition, the seven years between 2015 and 2021 were “Clean” hottest ever recorded, confirming the … Read more

Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson must prevent the moon from colliding with the earth

The events and trends that occur today have a clear influence on the genres that people end up consuming in fiction. The recent pandemic seems to have thrown a cloak on catastrophe movies. The perfect example is Adam McKay, the director is making it big on Netflix with Don’t look up, the story about how … Read more

Happy perihelion 2022! Earth reaches its closest point to the sun for the year

The sun is just a little bit closer in Earth’s sky right now. Earth is at its closest to the sun Tuesday (Jan. 4) in its 365.25-day journey. This milestone, called perihelion, coincidentally happens near the start of the Gregorian calendar year observed by much of the world, including in North America. The exact moment … Read more

Where will it fall? Russian rocket Angara A5 lost control and headed for Earth

The Russian space program is betting heavily on the Angara rocket family, which has been in development for more than 20 years. A new test took place on December 27th, with the Angara flight. It is precisely this rocket that is now proving to be a problem. Angara 5 has failed and is now out … Read more

They will explore the asteroid that can turn everyone on Earth into billionaires

Lapatilla January 02 2022, 5:41 pm Its iron alone would be worth about $ 10,000 quadrillion on Earth. NASA’s Psyche spacecraft will orbit a world we can barely locate from Earth and have never visited. By: Clarín The target of NASA’s Psyche mission is a metal-rich asteroid called Psyche, located in the main belt between … Read more

Space junk orbiting Earth such as crystallised human wee could become our biggest pollution disaster

Space junk is becoming one of the biggest pollution disasters faced by mankind, with experts warning it could take a human catastrophe before the issue is taken seriously. More than half a million pieces of debris are zooming around the earth at about 17,500mph, 10 times the speed of a bullet – although some estimates … Read more