Jennifer Lawrence’s Archery Coach Would Pinch Her Ear

Though Jennifer Lawrence has starred in many popular movies, her role in The Hunger Games franchise is one of her most memorable. In the films, Lawrence plays a teenage girl living within a dystopian society. When her little sister, Prim, is selected for the annual deadly games, Katniss volunteers to go in her stead. Against … Read more

“The golden ear of corn reap the laurels”

Corn harvest, near Arzal (Morbihan), September 28, 2020. DAMIEN MEYER / AFP DIn the fields, the combines are playing overtime. They are still numerous to furrow the countryside and to spit, with a continuous jet, a flood of corn kernels. In the trailers, the cargoes of a beautiful orange-yellow stand out against the autumn sky. … Read more

Lashana Lynch on ear for eye, Bond and why there’s still a long way to go for change

There was talk of tampons appearing in No Time to Die. Somewhere between Daniel Craig killing his billionth bad guy and guzzling his gazillionth martini, there it would be: the bright-coloured little wrapper of a feminine hygiene product. That’s not very James Bond, some would say. Of course, they’d likely say the same thing about … Read more

Harvey Weinstein: Controversial ‘Reservoir Dogs’ Ear Scene Comes To Life 25 Years Later | ICON

From left to right, actors Michael Madsen, Harvey Keitel and Steve Buscemi in ‘Reservoir dogs’. The first of them starred in the famous ear scene. Everyone warned Quentin Tarantino. Producers, friends, critics and viewers demanded that the director remove the scene in which Mr. Blonde (played by Michael Madsen) slices off the ear of undercover … Read more