New Nissan Z 2021 latest Z dynasty heir from Fast and Furious

V6 3.0 biturbo 405 hp petrol engine, strictly rear-wheel drive and six-speed manual gearbox with a sophisticated “rev-matching” function. Here is the latest addition to the lineage that began in 1970 with the legendary 240Z, but will only be sold in the United States and Japan An old-fashioned sports car, all petrol. But only Americans … Read more

Samsung dynasty heir guilty of corruption Lee Jae-yong to be released from prison earlier than expected

Lee Jae-yong, November 22, 2019. AHN YOUNG-JOON / AP Lee Jae-yong, the billionaire heir and vice-president of South Korean conglomerate Samsung, 53, will be released from prison this week after being granted early parole. The announcement, made on Monday August 9 by the justice ministry, prematurely ends a long politico-judicial soap opera against a background … Read more

Review of Dynasty Warriors: the crazy adaptation of the video game on Netflix

Review of Dynasty Warriors, directed by Roy Chow and written by To Chi-Long and Luo Guanzhong. The Chinese-produced film released on Netflix is ​​based on Koei’s popular “hack and slash” video game, with Louis Koo, Suet Lam, Wang Kai, Ray Lui and Justin Cheung among its protagonists. The premiere of Dynasty Warriors on Netflix Spain … Read more