Movie legend Kirk Douglas dies at 103 | TODAY | DW

Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas died this Wednesday (02/05/2020) at the age of 103, his family reported in a statement published by the US media. “With tremendous sadness, my brothers and I announce that Kirk Douglas left us today at the age of 103,” said one of his sons, fellow actor Michael Douglas, in a note … Read more

Kirk Douglas dies at 103

The actor Kirk Douglas, Spartacus for several generations, the last great sacred monster of Hollywood, a reference in the fight against McCarthyism, died last night at the age of 103, announced his son Michael Douglas. Douglas starred in 92 movies in a career that spanned seven decades. His work led him to be nominated up … Read more

The dirty laundry after the success of Kirk Douglas in ‘Spartacus’

If there is a cinema that we connect with Holy Week It is the one with swords and sandals. Movies like The Ten Commandments, Ben-Hur, Quo-Vadis O Brian’s life they became a cinematic synonym for Easter after being religiously broadcast on television networks for many years. Especially in La1 of RTVE. And although the first … Read more

Thus has Michael Douglas’ Morgan ‘died and risen’

Updated 01/05/2021 – 07:26 Lor usual, when someone receives a call from a Hollywood production company to buy the car, is that he will never see his beloved car ‘alive’ again. Watching it on the big screen, but it’s also easy to get their destruction immortalized with a spectacular crash, falling off a cliff or … Read more

Kirk Douglas leaves his inheritance to different charities

Two weeks after the death of Kirk Douglas At the age of 103, the actor’s last wishes have been known in reference to his legacy. The star of the golden age of Hollywood starred in up to 75 films, which allowed him to leave his relatives an estimated fortune of 61 million dollars. ORA high … Read more

Kirk Douglas accused of sexually abusing Natalie Wood when she was a teenager

Lana Wood confirmed a version, which circulated for decades in Hollywood: her sister Natalie Wood it was sexually abused When I was 17 years old by Kirk Douglas in a Los Angeles hotel room in 1955. That is clear from the pages of Little Sister, the book where Lana Wood gets into the mysteries that … Read more