Viale vs. Samid. Cups, dolls and neon lights: all the merchandising of a fight as brutal as it is unforgettable

The fight lasts exactly 32 seconds. It is impossible to count, precisely, how many strokes were made from the first pineapple until they are separated. The director of cameras cuts the sequence with a general panning that shows the studio overrun with people but takes the focus off the protagonists. Mauro Viale falls twice: first … Read more

The people of La Plata revived the ritual of the burning of dolls to say goodbye to the year

The ritual of the dolls re-imposed itself as on every end of the year and after midnight the structures that were built for almost a month in some cases burned giving free rein to the celebration of a tradition that does not end. In all corners the scene was repeated. After the toast, the neighbors … Read more

In Australia, the child kidnapper who played with dolls

Terry Kelly had invented a family life on social networks, claiming to be the father of five children (here, a photo posted on one of his Facebook profiles). SHUTTERSTOCK / SIPA SYDNEY’S LETTER “I love driving my dolls, styling them and taking selfies in public », rejoiced, in April 2020, Bratz DeLuca on Facebook. Under … Read more

“The Creator of Dolls”, by Nina Allan: vertiginous interweaving

“Doll House-The House of Dolls: confinement in the time of Covid-19”. CELINE NIESZAWER/LEEXTRA VIA LEEMAGE “The Dollmaker”, by Nina Allan, translated from English by Bernard Sigaud, Tristram, 406 p., € 23.90. Reading Nina Allan always takes a subtly dizzying turn. With her, the ground is shifting, certainties vacillate. Backdoors appear. The era of suspicion is … Read more

“My father wanted to see me play with dolls and tie up my loincloth”

Ami Yerewolo, at a barbecue organized with a few friends in the Korofina district, Bamako, Mali, on May 14, 2021. NICOLAS RETURNED FOR “THE WORLD” We thought we were entering the den of a rap lioness. The one who shows off her golden fangs in devastating clips never takes off her sunglasses, banter and intimidating … Read more

Inside the 62-Year-Old Doll’s Expansion Into Movies, Streaming and Instagram

”We are always looking for new expressions of the brand … everything is on the table,“ one Mattel executive says Although Barbie has had numerous animated TV incarnations, including musicals, over the years, the Netflix project is arguably her first presence as original programming for a major streamer. “Big City, Big Dreams!” also introduces a … Read more

“Romans dolls and hammers” represent the darkness of Dark Gamballe

It’s almost unbelievable, but the new alternative to Dark Gamballe’s “Romance Dolls and Hammers” is their fourteenth act. So it is a very experienced band, which, despite its undeniable qualities, still roams undergroud waters. It will certainly not deviate from them even with the current deed. 7/10 Dark Gamballe – Romance dolls and hammers Released: … Read more