Unity Pocket, a dock for Apple Watch with multiple functions

Owners of an Apple Watch cannot complain about the large number of accessories at their disposal to complement the already extensive functionality of this smartwatch, although most of them are a more or less sophisticated power charger. However the Unity Pocket it takes the simple functionality of a charging dock a little further by incorporating … Read more

Catania Cruise Port, 101 ships for over 160,000 passengers are expected in 2022. The airport focuses on the new terminal and dock

Catania Cruise Port will host 101 ships of 25 different brands in the next year cruises with over 160,000 passengers from all over the world. Numbers that speak of recovery, certainly compared to the last two seasons (2020 with 8 stopovers and 4,206 passengers and 2021 with 21 stopovers and 13,579 passengers), and which, although … Read more

a teenage girl on the dock

Lise (Mélissa Guers) in “La Fille au bracelet” (2019), by Stéphane Demoustier. MATTHIEU PONCHEL / LITTLE FILM CINE + PREMIER – THURSDAY, DECEMBER 16 AT 8.50 P.M. – FILM The Girl with the Bracelet. The title misleads, which lets imagine some Dutch painting of the XVIIe century, where it designates a teenage girl subject to … Read more

NASA wants SpaceX to dock Dragons at new Russian space station ‘node’

State media agency RIA says that NASA and Roscosmos are negotiating an agreement that would eventually allow SpaceX Dragon spacecraft and other future visiting vehicles to dock to a new Russian ‘node’ module recently installed on the International Space Station (ISS). Prichal – Russian for “pier” – was successfully launched into orbit on a Soyuz … Read more

Logitech’s new all-in-one dock puts an end to cable spaghetti – News

Hardware manufacturer Logitech presented the Logi Dock on Wednesday. The all-in-one docking station should make the personal workplace more organized and also improve the experience of video meetings. The Logi Dock works with Windows PCs, Macs and Chromebooks. With just one cable to the computer, the device connects up to five USB devices and two … Read more

“Gorch Fock” is supposed to dock in Wilhelmshaven on Thursday | NDR.de – Nachrichten – Lower Saxony

Status: 01.09.2021 7:00 p.m. The sailing training ship of the Navy left the Lürssen shipyard in Lemwerder (Wesermarsch district) on Wednesday to complete a test run. The first destination after six years of renovation was Heligoland. The “Gorch Fock” is supposed to arrive in Wilhelmshaven on Thursday. She is expected at the naval arsenal around … Read more

With more than 800 migrants on board, the ships “Ocean-Viking” and “Sea-Watch” authorized to dock in Sicily

On board the “Ocean-Viking”, August 2, 2021. FLAVIO GASPERINI / AP The urgent appeal, launched by the two ships, has borne fruit. More than 250 migrants disembarked from the humanitarian ship on Saturday, August 7 Sea-Watch, in Sicily, while theOcean-Viking, with 550 people on board, has obtained permission to dock there, the chartered non-governmental organizations … Read more