In India, Narendra Modi makes waves while diving in the sacred waters of the Ganges

NEW DELHI LETTER Narendra Modi at the inauguration of the Kashi Vishwanath Dham Corridor, in Varanasi (India), on December 13, 2021. RAJESH KUMAR SINGH / AP The ceremony lasted for hours. Broadcast live by all Indian TV channels. Narendra Modi, accompanied by ministers and members of the Indian People’s Party (BJP), the ruling party, inaugurated … Read more

diving into the changing waters of memory

In the Gulf of Morbihan, in Brittany. DANIÈLE SCHNEIDER / PHOTONONSTOP “Dark Island”, by Susanna Crossman, translated from English by Carine Chichereau, La Croisée, 144 p., € 16.50, digital € 13. Nothing is stable in Susanna Crossman’s first novel. Like the sea, whose colors change from blue to green, and from gray to brown, the … Read more

Diving among the swimming freaks

By Zineb Dryef Posted today at 02:35 Reserved for our subscribers InvestigationThey are called Christophe, Jacques, Constance or Karine and have in common to be addicted to swimming. The closing of the swimming pools during the health crisis made them aware of the importance that their pool lengths had acquired for them. A real drug, … Read more

diving in France recalcitrant to the vaccine against the Covid-19

By Stéphane Mandard Posted today at 04:29 Reserved for our subscribers ReportageAt the Jablines-Annet leisure center and in Meaux, in Seine-et-Marne, the department of mainland France where vaccination coverage is the lowest, many people display their mistrust of the vaccine. The MLACs have set up their barnum at a “Strategic location” : at the entrance … Read more

Expresso rostrum: big games | Peter Schmeichel criticizes “serious error” on Sterling’s penalty and the Italians are already joking: “It’s diving home”

The former Manchester United and Sporting goalkeeper accused referee Danny Makkelie of having made “a huge mistake” in giving the England team a penalty that would prove decisive for the elimination of Denmark. Peter Schmeichel is highly respected by both sides, even though his son, Kasper, was defending the Danish goal. The penalty, beaten by … Read more

The 3 most beautiful spots in France for a baptism of scuba diving | Travel Me Happy

Discovering the beauty of the seabed is a unique experience, which allows you to explore a new world, endowed with exceptional flora and fauna. In France, there are many sites for your first scuba diving experience. Zoom on the 3 most beautiful French aquatic spots. The Calanques of the Blue Coast A wonder of the … Read more