Friesoythe: Panic at Corona control in disco – several injured | Regional

Because there was no proper control in this club, the police had to answer. In the Lower Saxon town of Friesoythe (district of Cloppenburg) it is Saturday night Corona-The police came to the disco “Empire”. Reason: Many guests were allowed into the discotheque without their vaccination records being checked. Also, there were more people at … Read more

An exoplanet with a disk of matter and the potential to create moons. The first such detection

Scientists using the capabilities of the ALMA radio astronomy observatory confirmed the detection of a distinct disk in which natural satellites can form. The study, recently published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, was led by Myriam Benisty, a researcher at the University of Grenoble (France) and the University of Chile. “Our ALMA observations were obtained … Read more

Duo Flow & Zeo tell the secrets behind the Spacekraft disk

short Music Non Stop no Facebook It’s impossible not to notice that the duo’s connection Flow & Zeo exceeds his twenty-year career. In addition to sharing booths as DJs at parties around the world, together they share life, questions, curiosities and a great interest in everything that involves the stars and the cosmos. Away from … Read more