Sports and female empowerment – Diario La Tribuna

There are many films in all sports disciplines, and with a clearly female protagonism, they enchant, either because they represent dynamic stories about athletes, triumphs, stumbles and struggles, sometimes taken from real life, other times from fiction, or they attract, “For the adrenaline rush and emotion when combining the best of two worlds, the spectacle … Read more

56 years of sympathy – Diario El Mundo

A possible dream, 2009Despite his experience in dramatic cinema, this biographical film addresses the youth of Michael Oher, a professional football player who was supported by the perseverance of his adoptive mother Leigh Anne Tuohy.The actress’s work earned her all kinds of accolades, including the Oscar for Best Actress, which opened the doors to the … Read more

Diario Extra – ‘Fast and Furious 9’ continues to lead the box office

Universal Studios’ “Fast and Furious 9” held full throttle over the weekend, earning an estimated $ 23.8 million to retain its lead at the North American box office, the site reported Sunday. specialized in the Exhibitor Relations industry. That total, which covers just the first three days of the four-day July 4 holiday weekend, dropped … Read more

The most famous widows | Listin Diario

JUAN A. MEDINA./EFE REPORTS June 23 is International Widows Day, a tough time for more than 258 million women, according to the United Nations. In homage to all of them, we rescued some of the best known in the world. Elizabeth II of England is one of the latest celebrities to have suffered the loss … Read more


A CRAZY AND INCOMPETENT CHARACTER A crazy, incompetent, clumsy character, but… extremely funny and effective. Instead of clearing up a police case, she made it even more complicated with several of her hilarious disasters, which became classics over time starring an actor who took her very well in that role: Peter Sellers. Moreover, when he … Read more

Myths and legends of the Seventh Art – Diario La Tribuna

Unforgettable films and an equal amount of anthological scenes, exciting, intense, endearing and hard, according to the tastes and preferences of each person, which have been recorded in the collective imagination, are the cases of: 1) “Saturday night fever“(Saturday Night fever), directed by John Badham in 1977. Someone already said,” The day he was ‘born’ … Read more