Ten days for 39 blocks of flats: Real estate giant Evergrande has to demolish high-rise buildings

Monday, January 03, 2022 Ten days for 39 apartment blocks Real estate giant Evergrande has to demolish high-rise buildings From Jan Gänger The only thing left is the demolition: the ailing housing group China Evergrande only has a few days to remove a completely new building project. The leadership in Beijing wants to let air … Read more

Machine with a 40-meter arm has already arrived in Viana to demolish the Coutinho building

A rotating machine, with an arm that reaches 40 meters in height, will begin, next week, the “heavy” deconstruction, floor by floor, of the 13 floors of the Coutinho building, in Viana do Castelo, was announced today. In a statement sent to the press today, VianaPolis company informed that the equipment, “unique in Portugal”, arrived … Read more

demolish part of the building that was standing | Telemundo

Demolition specialists collapsed the part of the building in Surfside that was still standing on Sunday night, after hours of planning to place the explosives strategically and ensure their implosion in a controlled manner. Search and rescue work, which had been suspended since Saturday afternoon to carry out demolition preparations, were later resumed, as soon … Read more