In Iran, continued degradation of human rights

Demonstration of opponents exiled to Iranian President Ebrahim Raïssi, August 5, 2021, in London. ADRIAN DENNIS / AFP Arman Abdolali was hanged on November 24, 2021 without his parents being able to say goodbye to him. The execution of the young Iranian created a wave of indignation among human rights organizations, but also on social … Read more

FAO is alarmed by land and water degradation

Fodder corn harvest near Arzal (Morbihan), September 28, 2020. DAMIEN MEYER/AFP How to feed a growing world population without depleting the planet’s resources? To provide food for thought in the face of this inextricable challenge, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is publishing a report on Thursday, December 9, on the … Read more

New degradation of a stele in honor of Simone Veil in Brittany

In 1975, Simone Veil left her name to the law legalizing voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion). BORIS HORVAT / AFP A stele erected in honor of Simone Veil (1927-2017) was once again degraded, Saturday, August 14, in Perros-Guirec, in Côtes-d’Armor (Brittany), said the prefect Thierry Mosimann in a statement. “According to the latest information available, … Read more

Unesco decides not to include the Great Barrier Reef on the list of endangered sites, despite concerns about its degradation

Along the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, October 25, 2019. LUCAS JACKSON / REUTERS Australia obtained, Friday July 23, that Unesco does not proceed to the inscription of the Great Barrier Reef on its list of the sites of the World Heritage in danger, in spite of the concern of the scientific community on the degradation … Read more

For General Lecointre, “there is a continuous degradation of the world order”

François Lecointre, Chief of Staff of the French Armies, signs the guestbook on August 27, 2020 in Tallinn, on the sidelines of an award ceremony for Estonian soldiers who were wounded during an attack on a military base in Mali last year. RAIGO PAJULA / AFP The Chief of Staff of the Armies, General François … Read more