After the death of 27 migrants in a shipwreck off Calais, the anger of associations

Pair Julia Pascual Posted today at 05:57, updated at 06:44 Reserved for our subscribers DecryptionMost of the victims were Kurds, from Iraq or Iran. After this unprecedented drama, the authorities are calling for a fight against smugglers while associations are calling for legal migration routes to the United Kingdom. Did the inflatable boat deflate? Has … Read more

Maradona ‘The son of Naples’: the Sky Sports specials one year after his death

A year without Diego. On the first anniversary of Maradona’s death, Sky Sport dedicates one to the Pibe de Oro special programming, which began on Wednesday with interviews, documentaries, insights, to celebrate the Argentine champion. Content also available on demand with an entirely dedicated section. The new special “Diego the son of Naples” Diego son … Read more

From his near death at age 11 to his passion for the theater: 10 curiosities of Chiwetel Ejiofor

Chiwetel Ejiofor was born on July 10, 1977 in London. The son of Nigerian-born parents, he spent his childhood and youth in the Forest Gate neighborhood. His artistic debut off the stage of the theater, It was in 1996 with the television series ‘Deadly Voyage’, in which he gave life to Ebow. His big break … Read more

Faro laments the death of Rafael Alentejano, Academic Association of Guarda decrees 3 days of mourning

The unexpected death of the young man from Faro, Rafael Alentejano, aged 18, in the city of Guarda, where he was studying, is causing regretful reactions in all quarters of the Algarve capital and beyond. The young man, who was studying in the 1st year of Marketing at the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda, was found … Read more

Drew Barrymore confirms that his grandfather’s body was stolen

Around the entertainment industry there are innumerable legends that have fueled the renown of certain well-known figures and that for years or decades have been present among the gossip of the public, wondering if they are really reality or mere stories of the press. Recently, Drew Barrymore confirmed a fairly famous myth surrounding the death … Read more

The man who was saved from death hours before being executed with the lethal injection

Drafting BBC News World Three hours Image source, Oklahoma Department of Corrections Caption, Julius Jones keeps saying he’s innocent A few hours before Julius Jones, a black prisoner accused of murder, was executed in Oklahoma, United States, a decision saved him in extremis. The execution of Jones by lethal injection It was scheduled for 4:00 … Read more

The death of Jakucho Setouchi, writer and great feminist voice in Japan

Japanese author Sakucho Setouchi, in Kyoto (Japan), June 1, 2017 KEIJI UESHO / AP Jakucho Setouchi, a Buddhist nun and popular novelist, who was close to Tanizaki, Kawabata and Mishima, died on November 9 in Kyoto at the age of 99. With her are extinguished not only a part of the literary memory of Japan … Read more

“Death to Mud Lick”, by Eric Eyre: legal drug trafficking

Tribute outside a pain relief center in Martinsburg, West Virginia, in April. MICHAEL S. WILLIAMSON/THE WASHINGTON POST /GETTY IMAGES “Mort à Mud Lick” (Death in Mud Lick. A Coal Country Fight Against the Drug Companies That Delivered the Opioid Epidemic), by Eric Eyre, translated from English (United States) by Romain Guillou, Globe, 336 p ., … Read more

In the United States, the death penalty of a prisoner commuted at the last moment

People mobilized to obtain the commutation of the death sentence of Julius Jones, on November 18, in front of the prison of Norman (Oklahoma). REESE GORMAN / AP An American who was to be executed, Thursday, November 18, in Oklahoma, saw his sentence commuted within four hours of the injection of a lethal cocktail, after … Read more