“The health crisis has done damage in Africa, but it has also won debates”

To not miss any African news, subscribe to the newsletter of the World Africa from this link. Every Saturday at 6 a.m., find a week of news and debates covered by the editorial staff of the World Africa. Bissau-Guinean economist Carlos Lopes, in Berlin, in May 2017. JOERG FARYS / HEINRICH BOELL FOUNDATION In Africa, … Read more

“5G protection” necklaces are radioactive and damage DNA

Talking about 5G is talking about the new communications network and new opportunities for the most diverse segments of society. However, perhaps because we are facing a pandemic for COVID-19, there are those who believe in conspiracy theories and consider that 5G is bad for your health. The World Health Organization (WHO) has already said … Read more

Instructions for eating fish without (too much) environmental damage

MORNING LIST LAURENCE MOUTON / ES Oysters, langoustines, smoked salmon or pan-fried scallops this year? The question will inevitably arise when developing holiday menus. Another question will emerge less readily: can we still consume fish, shellfish and crustaceans in a good ecological conscience? Many French people have stopped, or greatly reduced, their meat purchases, without … Read more

“I wanted to revive the landscape I saw as a child, before the damage caused by intensive agriculture”

Fabrice Hyber with one of his “Men of Bessines”, in his workshop in Mareuil-sur-Lay-Dissais, Vendée, in June 2021. HENRI VAN MELLE Fabrice Hyber, 60, usually wears the mischievous smile of an eternal teenager. In recent days, however, his mood has darkened. At the beginning of December, the French artist was to install on the basin … Read more

Marco Buschmann: “Emergency calls from the child psychiatry, emotional damage, dramatic learning deficits”

WORLD: In the next week you will be the ninth Federal Minister of Justice appointed by the FDP, Mr Buschmann. Whose tradition do you see yourself in? Marco Buschmann: I see a clear line of tradition from Thomas Dehler to Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, in which I am happy to join. Thomas Dehler built the house. He … Read more

Storm in the north: numerous missions – tree kills motorists | NDR.de – news

Status: 02.12.2021 07:55 a.m. Heavy gusts of wind tore off branches and uprooted trees in many places in northern Germany during the night. In Wesendorf, Lower Saxony, a tree killed a driver. The last thing that was lifted in the morning was the storm warning for the Baltic coast. In Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony, … Read more

“He is not going to wake up”: Carmen Salinas’s godson says that the actress suffers “irreversible damage” | Univision Latin America News

The journalist Jorge Nieto, godson and friend of Carmen Salinas, revealed that neurologists have said that the stroke caused “irreversible damage” to the actress, which will probably prevent her from waking up again. “The stroke has irreversible damage, it was indeed in the brain stem, unfortunately what is the function of the body’s organism of … Read more

Carmen Salinas’s godson says the stroke caused “irreversible damage” and “will not wake up” | Famous

“The stroke has irreversible damage, it was indeed in the brain stem, unfortunately what is the function of the body’s organism of awakening is the most affected […] Whoever becomes aware that is the most damaged, he won’t wake up anymoreIt is what they are informing us, “he told journalist Azucena Uresti about the diagnoses … Read more

Space Exploration And Potential Brain Damage: A Closer Look

RJ Pierce, Tech Times 08 November 2021, 08:11 am Space exploration is bound to expand into the furthest reaches of the cosmos. As such, organizations like NASA and even private companies have been trying to see how long-term space missions affect the human body. (Photo : Getty Images ) One of the most recent topics … Read more