Jake Gyllenhaal to Play a Master Thief in Heist Movie Cut and Run

After a pretty intense bidding war, New Republic Pictures has come out on top with heist thriller Cut and Run. The film is set to star Jake Gyllenhaal (Spider-Man: Far From Home, Source Code) assumedly as the ring leader of a group of thieves who spend their time stealing from super-yachts and escaping on high-powered … Read more

Three days after a volcano erupted, the Tonga islands are still almost cut off from the world

Aerial view of the damage on Nomuka Island in Tonga from a New Zealand military plane, January 17, 2022. NEW ZEALAND DEFENCE FORCE / VIA REUTERS It took four days for the first aerial photos to give an overview of the double disaster that struck the Tonga Islands on Saturday January 15, when the violent … Read more

lata mangeshkar coivd: not now relief, next 10-12 days will have to be cut in ICU Lata Mangeshkar – legendary singer lata mangeshkar to stay in icu for 10-12 days says breach candy hospital

Lata Mageshkar: Legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar has been admitted to hospital with coronary heart disease. Seeing his physical condition, the doctors decided to keep him in the ICU. It was learned on Wednesday that Lata Mangeshkar will not be released yet. This living legend will have to spend at least another 10 to 12 days … Read more

six roads still neutralized, two hamlets of Allevard cut off from the world

This Wednesday, the department of Isère was placed on orange alert and affected by considerable precipitation associated with warm weather leading to significant melt. The flows coming from the reliefs caused floods by arriving in valley and in plain, in particular in Grésivaudan. We take stock of the damage in the department. 19 hours : … Read more

mudslides and cut roads

21h40: The situation tonight in Gières The RD 524 is still closed to traffic following the slip that occurred around 4 p.m. in the Combe de Gières, near the Sisant d’Uriage. In addition, the town hall of Gières launched its municipal safeguard plan this evening. Indeed, the Sonner retention beach, located between the Clos d’Espiès … Read more

Hugh Jackman suggests there is a 47-minute longer X-Men cut

When X-Men – 81% was released in 2000, the superhero films still did not reach the levels of now. These types of adaptations were rare, comic book fans were more open and expectations were created when being in the movie theater. Mutants were already very famous and a movie with them definitely changed the landscape … Read more

Fans Think Florence Pugh Was Going to Have a Cameo on ‘Ted Lasso,’ but It Got Cut (Although They Can’t Imagine Why)

Florence Pugh is coming off her big Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Black Widow where she introduced new fan-favorite Yelena Belova to the world. While she has more experience in film, she isn’t a stranger to television. She’s going to appear in the Disney+ series Hawkeye in some capacity, and she’s held other roles over … Read more

“The rise of feminism has cut off my husband’s desire. How to reconcile him with his sexuality? “

SOS MAÏA MAÏA MAZAURETTE In theory, sexuality is no longer taboo. In practice, there are questions that we dare not ask anyone … In any case, anyone who can judge us (partners, friends) or recognize us (doctors, shrinks). Some confessions are bottles in the sea, anonymous, which are almost private diaries. Some questions, on the … Read more

Jake Gyllenhaal Was Almost Cast As Napoleon Dynamite. Here Are Two Other Stars Who Also Didn’t Make The Cut

Jon Heder’s career-defining role in Napoleon Dynamite almost wasn’t his. It turns out Nightcrawler star Jake Gyllenhaal could have stolen it. Moreover, Heder wasn’t the only one to almost miss out. A retrospective article on the movie revealed which actors might have ended up on the wrong side of the cult classic.  Jon Heder was … Read more

Hime cut, the fashionable haircut among Asian girls that will triumph in the changes of looks of 2022 (and that Cher already wore in the 60s)

When we thought we couldn’t see anything more complicated and asymmetrical come true than the wolf haircut, the mullet, or even the risky pixie, the hime cut at hair trends of 2022 to show that the thing can still be more confused. This haircut has its origin, according to history, in the ‘binsogiy’ ceremony where … Read more