Jennifer Lopez leaves Spain urgently due to an outbreak of covid in the filming crew

The covid does not let up and despite the fact that hospital admissions do not present the dramatic figures of old waves, the truth is that ómicron is wreaking havoc at the level of infections. So much so that Jennifer Lopez has had to leave Spain urgently after an outbreak of coronavirus was detected in … Read more

Lots of cargo and crew missions, Starship tests>

A year with many missions really began for SpaceX when on January 8, 2021 a Falcon 9 rocket brought the communications satellite Türksat 5A into earth orbit. By mid-December, 27 more launches of the Falcon 9 rocket followed as SpaceX’s reliable workhorse. By the end of the year, the number of launches after the latest … Read more

Why you should alert the crew if your cell phone falls under the seat of an airplane

Lapatilla December 16 2021, 5:36 pm There is something that generates tension in airplanes because, in addition to generating anger, it can be dangerous for the safety of the flight: that the cell phone falls under the seats. The space in airplanes is very small for so many passengers and it is not difficult to … Read more

‘This is heaven!’: Watch Michael Strahan and crew float in space in this Blue Origin launch video

With tiny footballs, cheers and wide smiles, Blue Origin’s biggest crew of space tourists yet clearly had a blast on their trip to space this weekend. Blue Origin launched the six space tourists — a team that included former NFL star and “Good Morning America” host Michael Strahan — on a New Shepard rocket from … Read more

Michael Strahan joins Jeff Bezos Blue Origin crew, NASA astronaut Alan Shephard’s daughter to space

Blue Origin launch: Michael Strahan, others launch to space The Blue Origin flight NS-19 launched just before 9:45 a.m. ET from West Texas on New Shepard. TV personality and Retired NFL player Michael Strahan, along with five others, were on board for the launch to space. (Credit: NASA/Blue Origin) VAN HORN, Texas – Blue Origin’s … Read more

International Space Station shines in glamour shots from SpaceX Crew Dragon

1 of 10 NASA / ESA / Thomas Pesquet International Space Station above Earth 2 of 10 NASA / ESA / Thomas Pesquet ISS with Earth below During the Crew-2 return journey to Earth in early November, the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft took a trip around the ISS. That gave ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet an … Read more

International Space Station shines in gorgeous fly-around photos by Crew Dragon astronauts

It’s been a decade since we’ve seen photos like these of the International Space Station. On Nov. 8, the Crew Dragon capsule Endeavour, carrying the four astronauts of SpaceX’s Crew-2 mission, departed the orbiting lab after a 6.5-month stay. Endeavour didn’t head directly home to Earth, however; it first performed a complete, 360-degree fly-around of … Read more