This is how JK Rowling convinced Alan Rickman to play Snape

The 20th anniversary of the film saga of Harry Potter It has awakened the nostalgia of fans of the most famous magician in cinema and, much more, since the reunion of its protagonists was announced. On the occasion of such an important date, there are many curiosities that are resurfacing about the cast of harry … Read more

The strange method by which John Travolta convinced Quentin Tarantino to appear in ‘Pulp Fiction’

‘Pulp Fiction‘is one of the great films, not only of the career of Quentin Tarantinobut from the movie industry. This was the second film by the filmmaker after his premiere in a big way with ‘Reservoir Dogs’ and one of the great reasons for its success was, in addition to the story, the great cast … Read more

Foreign students, latecomers, reticent finally convinced … at the University of Nanterre, vaccination for all

Ephemeral vaccination center at the University of Nanterre, September 6. ÉRIC NUNÈS / “THE WORLD” The start of the academic year is under a summer sun, Monday September 6 in Nanterre. The complexions are tanned, the smiling faces and the masks are carelessly worn in the hand or under the chin. After almost a year … Read more

State supports suspects; Marcelo convinced that Costa leaves

IT’S Today, the case of the two Iraqis detained in Portugal, on Wednesday, on suspicion of being linked to Daesh, is highlighted in the main newspapers. O Newspaper writes that “Brothers suspected of terrorism were going to flee Portugal”, and the News Diary highlights that the “SEF refused asylum to a suspect in Daesh”. In … Read more

Why Mila Kunis convinced Ashton Kutcher to sell Virgin Galactic ticket

Ashton Kutcher is staying earthbound for now, after his wife, Mila Kunis, convinced him to sell his ticket on a space flight. The Iowa native, best known for his roles on “That 70’s Show” and “Two and a Half Men,” had a ticket for a space flight through Virgin Galactic, which conducted a successful test flight with its … Read more

Sergio Ramos reveals why PSG cannot be compared to Madrid and how Neymar convinced him

In an interview with the newspaper L’Équipe, the 35-year-old player spoke about his departure from ‘The White House’ and whether reaching PSG was a setback in his career Recently hired by Paris Saint-Germain, Sergio Ramos has already become one of the team’s leaders even without having entered the field. The defender has already been excited … Read more

The Simpson. They solve dark mystery of who appears in a chapter

The Simpson is one of the few series that has managed to mark more than a generation and remain in the memory of its fans for almost three decades, in that time, in addition to giving us laughter, the series has also been responsible for raising several mysteries from the events in its chapters that … Read more