Toyota double, the concept of a GT3 and an extreme Yaris are on the way

At the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022, the Japanese manufacturer is presenting the concept of an unprecedented car developed for curbs that falls into the GT3 category, the main international one for track racing. Also in the spotlight is a GR Yaris, the result of extreme processing An absolute novelty in the range of sports cars … Read more

For Claude Lefort and Hannah Arendt, totalitarianism was a concept of the future

“Political readings. From Dante to Soljenitsyne ”, by Claude Lefort, PUF, 372 p., € 26, digital € 19. “Arendt”, edited by Martine Leibovici and Aurore Mréjen, “Cahier de l’Herne”, 312 p., € 33, digital € 23. In The invention of democracy (Fayard, 1981), the philosopher Claude Lefort (1924-2010) was angry with the inability of the … Read more

The concept of a new Neutron rocket. Rocket Lab specifies the assumptions

Rocket Lab’s CEO, Peter Beck, presented during an occasional videoconference at the beginning of December this year. details of the project assuming the construction of a new missile – a medium-class launch system, Neutron. These are the first details since the company announced plans earlier this year. An online briefing was conducted on December 2 … Read more

A new Bullet: Royal Enfield SG 650 concept unveiled | Fast Track | Auto News

After riding into success on its Classic avatar, Royal Enfield is set to transition into the modern era. Marking the 120th year celebrations, the company recently unveiled its most modern motorcycle in a concept form at the Milan motor show – the SG 650. The SG 650 promises to be the finest motorcycle to come … Read more

Corona in schools: “You can smoke this test concept in a pipe”

AStand, masks, tests – the rules for schoolchildren are strict in many places: In Lower Saxony, for example, they are required to wear a mask even in class, and they also have to be tested for the corona virus on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. And to ventilate the classroom, too, follows a precise process. Scientists … Read more

Pentagon tempted by private concept of “orbital fuel station”

The said agreement on R&D cooperation was signed on October 14 this year. Within its framework, technology is to be transferred to the AFRL, with the advisory and engineering support of the American armed forces. Orbit Fab, involved in the cooperation, is an American startup specializing in the field of technologies related to satellite servicing, … Read more

Here’s Why The 1988 Mid-Engine Peugeot Oxia Concept Was Ahead Of Its Time

The Peugeot Oxia is a classic car remembered for its performance. This supercar made its debut in 1988. While the idea of Peugeot having a supercar may seem too far-fetched, this French carmaker seemed to have everything going for them before most companies knew what they wanted from a supercar. The Peugeot Oxia was on … Read more

Intel Unveils Loihi 2 Neuromorphic Processor, Samsung Unveils Copy And Paste Concept Of Brain Neural Connections On Neuromorphic Chips

Today, four years after the announcement of Loihi, Intel introduced the 2nd generation of this neuromorphic processor. Here’s what the characteristics of both chips look like: Loihi 2 Long Technical process Intel 4 (former 7nm) Intel 14 nm Crystal area 31 mm 2 60 mm 2 Number of transistors 2.3 billion 2.1 billion Number of … Read more

The Pentagon’s Appetite for Commercial Nuclear Propulsion for Satellites. Concept call

The Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) cell, which is subordinate to the US Department of Defense, ran in September this year. a procedure which could be used to submit preliminary concepts for a small (up to two tonnes) nuclear thermal propulsion (NTP) for use in space. It is a system that allows the satellites to operate … Read more

The unique glorchestra concept will connect musical genres and support the restoration of cultural monuments in Ostrava as well

The combination of a classical orchestra and modern music genres, complemented by a unique scenography and light show, is a glorchestra project that visited several places across the country during the summer and whose last concert will take place on Wednesday 22 September in the Lower Vítkovice area. With an unconventional musical experience, the glorchestra … Read more