Zynga, Lululemon, Virgin Orbit, Tilray: What to Watch When the Stock Market Opens Today

Updated Jan. 10, 2022 9:34 am ET Wall Street stock indexes opened lower ahead of inflation data and the first wave of major earnings reports later this week. Here’s what we’re watching in Monday’s trading: It’s a happy day in FarmVille: Take-Two Interactive TTWO -1.45% is acquiring Zynga ZNGA -1.10% in a stock-and-cash deal. Zynga … Read more

beyond computers and smartphones

These companies will not be at CES 2022 due to covid-19 0:48 (CNN Business) — CES 2022, one of the largest technology trade events in the world, begins this Wednesday in Las Vegas with its first in-person event since the start of the pandemic. While the conference may look a little different in 2022, it … Read more

SpaceX’s Future Depends on a Gigantic Rocket and 42,000 Internet Satellites

SpaceX wants to use its Starship rocket for the kind of voyages to Mars and beyond that Elon Musk has long dreamed of pursuing. Starship also forms an important foundation of the future business strategy at his space company, which wants to use the vehicle in part to build out Starlink, the satellite-internet service many … Read more

How to Watch SpaceX’s Groundbreaking All-Civilian Rocket Launch Today

Text size Inspiration4 will be launched with SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket. (Gregg Newton / AFP via Getty Images) SpaceX is heading toward the history books this week. The company, run by Tesla ‘s (ticker: TSLA) Elon Musk, is preparing to launch four civilian astronauts into space as early as Wednesday evening, where they will remain … Read more

A handheld space age computer. From shuttles to … film sets

Miniaturization and adaptation – the first “laptop” in space The beginnings of the computerization era (dating back to the 1940s) are inherently associated with large-scale structures like the American ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer), the British Colossus and the German Z1-Z3. Three decades later, the dynamically progressing miniaturization and development of components led to … Read more

The new generation of Acer Aspire computers with Windows 10

Since Microsoft launched Windows 10, it decided to create a laptop with a special design similar to the SurfaceBook, which showed us the renewal in the Surface family. Recently, a new wave of products have hit the market by the main manufacturers and that make reference to this new platform. Regarding the latter, the brand … Read more

Why Is Dune a Sci-Fi Movie With No Computers? Let’s Explain

The newest cinematic adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune has taken the world by storm, with a sequel delving into the second half of the book already greenlit. The first part told in this film is already vast in scope and world-building, with director Denis Villeneuve crafting a unique glimpse into a whole new universe that … Read more

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Wants to Build a Commercial Space Station With Boeing

Text size Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin venture has teamed up with partners including Boeing. Getty Images Blue Origin, the commercial space venture created by Amazon (ticker: AMZN) founder Jeff Bezos, wants to build a commercial space station with partners including Boeing by the second half of this decade. A venture with aerospace technology company Sierra … Read more

Between computers, engineers and citizens, RTE teams have carried out unprecedented work

Network supervision room at RTE, in Saint-Denis, February 26, 2018. GERARD JULIEN / AFP Calculations and their complexity called for new computers. The machines are located somewhere in France, in data centers kept secret, security issue. Monday, October 25 in the morning, Thomas Veyrenc is preparing to see at least two good years of work. … Read more

Apple comes with new earphones, computers and cheaper music – News

Apple has introduced a new version of its wireless headphones AirPods. The latest version of the white earbuds was announced at an online event. There, Apple also proposed new laptops with its own chips and came with a cheaper subscription to streaming service Apple Music. The AirPods should give a better sound. They have a … Read more